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We always talk about cut-resistant gloves to protect workers’ hands from abrasions and other harmful injuries experienced during work. But one of the most important parts of workers’ protection equipment also involves protecting one’s arms from such dangers. Because if a worker is exposed to many dangers, e.g. harmful chemicals, their hands may get protected due to their gloves, but what will protect their arms from the same chemicals? And without the right amount of safety for the arms, if the worker ends up injured, it’ll make their use of protective gloves obsolete as well.

Therefore, we want to take this blog to talk about cut-resistant sleeves and how they can protect a person’s forearms from dangers faced in factories/construction sites, etc. Protecting the arms from cuts, scratches, flame, and chemicals is important in many occupations, and these cut-resistant sleeves are worn alongside cut-resistant gloves to ensure maximum levels of protection and safety.

Use of Cut-Resistant Sleeves in Different Occupations


Need cut-resistant sleeves and gloves to protect oneself from scratches while tending to animals.


Need to protect hands and forearms while trimming hedges and using sharp equipment.

Glass Processing

Cutting and handling glass especially requires PPE.

Metal Works

People involved with metal manufacture and fabrication need extra hand/forearm protection.

Maintenance Workers

This job involves exposing arms to restrictive work conditions. Hence, arising the need for cut-resistant sleeves.


Cut-resistant sleeves can protect one from thorns and pruning while gardening.

Benefits of Wearing Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Cut Resistance

The major advantage of wearing cut-resistant sleeves comes from their quality of saving one’s arms from cuts and abrasions. Of course, the kind of cut-resistant sleeves you choose to wear depends on the amount of danger your work will expose you to. Hence, figure out the level of cut-resistance you need and then choose your sleeves accordingly.

Heat Resistance

These sleeves are also very effective in protecting workers from overheated conditions. Hence, if your employees are exposed to such environments, you need to make sure they have access to such PPEs that can save them from injuries.

Flame Resistance

Another big benefit of investing in protective arm sleeves is that they save one from burns and other harmful skin injuries, e.g. the ones that occur through toxic chemicals. Hence, as an employer, you need to ensure you’re providing your workers with the right kind of PPE sleeves after finding out which employees are exposed to dangerous chemicals or other work conditions that involve flames.

Choosing the Best Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Now that you know a little about what cut-resistant sleeves can do, let us discuss how you can pick the right sleeves for you and your workers to be safe from harm.


Many cut-resistant sleeves and protective equipment are manufactured using fiberglass that can be irritating to the skin and uncomfortable to wear. If something is uncomfortable, it’s not preferred to be worn, despite the risk for harm in its absence. Hence, it’s always recommended to wear cut-resistant sleeves that are manufactured using a blend of aramid fibers and polyester yarn, so that they provide all the protection you need while also being comfortable and flexible to be worn on your arms. It’s a breathable fabric that provides all the qualities you need without compromising on your comfort.


You may wear the most comfortable fabric when it comes to PPE but unless it fits your form, you won’t find any comfort in them. Hence, you need cut-resistant sleeves that fit your arm perfectly without hindering your flexibility. Therefore, you need to refer to an appropriate size chart that can provide you with an idea of your measurements, and then choose the fit that works best for you.


The protection levels of cut-resistance according to ANSI cut levels go from A1 to A9. And which level you should invest in depends upon the work environment. Hence, search into the cut levels, gain information on what they provide protection against, and then select the level that will be perfect for you or your employees.

Cut Levels You Need to Look Into

ANSI Levels 1& 2

Designed to keep safe against minimal hazards.

ANSI Level 3

More medium-level cut and abrasion hazards are involved at this level. But it’s still preferred mostly for light protection.

ANSI Level 4

A level slightly higher than A3, but A4 is still mostly limited to protect against medium-level hazards.

ANSI Level 5

A5 is more suitable for medium to heavy-cut hazards. People involved in metal and glass manufacture may prefer this level if their tasks aren’t too heavy-duty.

ANSI Level 6

When a task’s danger is relatively heavy-duty, that’s when ANSI level 6 is recommended. This is mostly part of the automotive industry and other forms of similar work.

ANSI Level 7

Level A7 is used for high-level cuts and hazards, but they still can’t protect against work that involves too many dangerous chemicals, etc.

ANSI Level 8

Used for very high-cut hazards, they’re cut-resistant sleeves that are preferred by welders and construction company workers.

ANSI Level 9

Level A9 is the highest cut level and is used for extremely dangerous situations like blade handling, heavy metal fabrication, or work that includes high-risk wires, glass, etc.

This is all you need to know about cut-resistant sleeves. Know that the fabric and cut level of sleeves you choose all depend on the kind of work you’re doing. The higher the risk involved in your job, the higher the cut level should be and vice versa. Furthermore, it’s also important to invest in proper protective equipment from companies that are ISO certified and have reliable experience in manufacturing industrial grade leather goods for factory workers.

If you have all the information you need but end up investing in low-quality goods, you’ll be putting your workers at more risk than protecting them. Hence, for high-quality products, you should look into the products offered by elite-leather creations for a better experience.

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