Who we are

Elite Leather offers a diverse range of premium quality leather products and industrial workwear at the most affordable prices. Our responsible and talented team, skilled workforce, well-trained in-house designers, and quality control technicians have always been our competitive edge over all other leather suppliers, along with our annual production capacity of 18 million sq. ft. supported by four tanneries. We’re one of the first-class leather manufacturing and exporting companies in Pakistan that holds Gold standards in WRAP compliance. .

  • 2008

    We had a moderate beginning manufacturing industrial safety equipment with a single production unit with a team of 40 employees.

  • 2012

    Dedicated to premium standards, we soon tightened our market grip by working with brands in Europe that also taught us new market tactics while expanding our supply chain.

  • 2016

    Over the years, owing to the highest global demands and international standards, we grew to attain 4 specialized leather production units and then entered the US market

  • 2018

    We developed in-house research and development teams to deal with upcoming market trends, expanding our glove production unit to three different locations.

  • 2020

    We are now ISO 9001:2015 certified from Bureau Veritas. Over the past decade, we have proven that our leather quality is unmatched.

Why Choose us

Our state-of-the-art technological system,tremendous production capacity, premium leather quality makes us one of the leading leather industrial protective clothing manufacturers in Pakistan. Here’s why you should choose us for all your safety workwear requirements:


Our tannery comprises 4 specialized production units with the production capacity of approximately 18 million Sq Ft/year with capabilities including Bovine Lining, Napa Upper, Sheepskin Lining & Crust Leather.

Product Research

Our extensive product research as per the latest international standards for safety sets us apart from the competition. Our research process includes leather research, pattern designs, material development and glove research.


We have defined policies for quality assurance and responsible business practices that assist us to serve our clients to the best of standards while ensuring workplace safety during the leather manufacturing process.


Vast Portfolio

From leather gloves for various industrial requirements, combat equipment to protective apparel, our extensive product portfolio consists of quality safety workwear and can be customized according to your needs.

Product Design

Ergonomic product design is what we stand for and our skilled design team conducts rigorous research to come up with designs that not only look good but are also comfortable to ensure task performance efficiency.

Production Capacity

Our wide production capacity, technologically advanced equipment and large workforce enables us to manufacture and timely deliver a massive number of units to the clients worldwide.



Product portfolio

Providing a complete range of high-quality industrial protective equipment and training apparel.



High-quality cut-resistant gloves manufactured at ELC provide maximum protection and grip needed to handle tasks efficiently while also keeping workers safe.

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Combat Training Equipment

Train and keep your combat skills up-to-date with Elite Leather’s Vigour collection from headgears to shin guards, find top-quality training equipment.

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Industrial Safety Products

From welding apparel to assembly line gloves, at ELC, we create premium quality leather workwear for employees and other industrial use.

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