top advantages of leather gloves for industrial workwear

Leather gloves have been the most used protective gloves for a really long-time. The most beneficial and important reason for their popularity is the numerous advantages of leather gloves and also because of their easy availability. Currently, there are several readily available material gloves for the same purpose, yet leather gloves are the preferred option today.

Leather is a durable and flexible material. The animal fiber present in leather and the tanning process are some significant reasons behind these exclusive advantages of leather gloves. It also comes in different qualities. With Elite Leather an amazing pair of leather gloves come in handy whenever you are getting ready to work with rough objects.

In this article, we have discussed various top advantages of leather gloves for industrial workwear.

Benefits Of Using Leather Gloves

Helps Prevent Chemical Burns

If you are striving to give your workers a good and healthy working environment, then you should provide them with premium quality safety products. As some workers have to work with harmful chemicals almost on a daily basis, therefore, an accidental spill can lead to severe burns. Workers who use leather gloves can work without having to worry about any harsh chemical spills.

Leather Hand Gloves Help Prevent Accidents

Accidents that take place at industrial work sites are extremely severe and can also lead to losing fingers or even hands. Welder gloves leather is one of the most normally used safety hand gloves to keep workers’ hands protected.

Secures Your Hands From The Change In Temperature

Working in a factory is definitely not an easy job. At certain times, there is a continuous change in the temperature that makes working challenging for the workers. If you want your employees to keep up with the change in the environment and to also protect their hands from sudden temperature changes, they should then wear leather gloves that are heat-resistant. 

Characteristics Of Leather Gloves

The key characteristic of leather hand gloves is to meet the standards of hand protection including their comfort quotient and dexterity. The remaining qualities are as follows:

  1. Abrasion-resistant
  2. Cut-lined to perfection
  3. Heat protection

The personal protection equipment industry which is also known as (PPE) is consistently going through different technological advancements. The users, therefore, are getting access to gloves with advanced coating and seamless knitting. Yet, leather gloves are second to none when it comes to their usability in hazardous functions, rugged environments, and the construction sphere. These gloves are flame and heat-resistant naturally.

Leather gloves are the perfect choice for electricians as they provide them with the highest level of protection from the arc flash. As our leather gloves are capable of withstanding heat, so the quality makes them the perfect choice for workers who are involved in welding, as in this job they are exposed to heat to a greater extent.

Different Types Of Leather Gloves

1. Deerskin Leather Skin

deerskin leather skinThese types of leather gloves are famous in the industry of leather gloves. They are known for their flexible and soft characteristics. Deerskin leather gloves are naturally abrasion-resistant and strong. Yet, after being worn for too long, grim and dirt and get into your gloves. The natural oil of your hand also tends to propagate through your gloves.

2. Cowhide Leather Hand Gloves

cowhide leather hand glovesIt is one of the most preferred and common types of leather that is used to make professional and protective gloves. Cowhide leather hand gloves are known for their affordability, durability, comfort, and abrasion-resistant properties. This type of glove is also heat-resistant which makes it the perfect choice for workers who work in industries that deals with abrasion and heat.

3. Goatskin Leather Gloves

goatskin leather glovesGoatskin leather is considered to be the strongest type of gloves for most industrial and commercial applications. The strength and dexterity of these gloves ensure to provide complete protection of your hands from different hazards. They can also protect your hands from sparks, cuts, cold weather, and harsh weather conditions.

Common Mistakes While Picking Work Safety Gloves

  1. Choosing The Work Safety Gloves Without Learning About The Risks – for buying the ideal gloves for your industry it is important that you assess the risks that are involved in your site or industry. Purchasing gloves without a thorough assessment will lead you to buy the ones that might not be protective enough for your niche.
  2. Not getting rid of your old gloves – When it comes to purchasing new gloves most companies tend to become concerned about their budgets and tend to stick with their old gloves. Nevertheless, every type of industrialist hand glove loses its efficiency after a particular time period.
    This is why it is important that you know when it is time to buy new hand gloves and also try to invest in new gloves as soon as the old ones begin to wear off.
  3. Thinking that one type of gloves suits all – Your working site might have separate teams of workers who work in various departments. Some of them might be carrying heavy loads while on the other hand, some might be handling jackhammers and other similar machines.
    Both of these working categories are completely different therefore they require different types of industrialist gloves.
    So thinking that purchasing one glove that will be fitting all types of work is a huge mistake. You need to know what types of jobs your workers are executing at your work site and then pick the right kind of gloves.
  4. Not having enough information – Purchasing hand gloves without having knowledge about these products is a huge mistake that purchasers often make. It is therefore required to have information about these products, their different pros, cons, features, and forms. The more you have knowledge about what type of gloves will work for your niche.

Elite-leather is a leading manufacturer of leather gloves and other PPE in Pakistan. So, if you are working under hazardous circumstances or if you are a company that wants its workers to be safe and protected during work, then we have you covered against all unwanted incidents.

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