High Visibility Gloves

High visibility (or hi-vis) gloves are a special kind of glove made specifically for their visibility due to the environment they’re used in. They are made with a fluorescent and retroreflective material and thus, emit light that makes them more visible and easy to use in high traffic situations, night time or dark workplaces like mines and such, rough weather conditions or job sites where workers must stand out from the background where they’re working. Hi-vis gloves are commonly available in fluorescent green, yellow and orange colours.

Why Are They Important?

As hi-vis work gloves glow in the dark, they are highly beneficial to be worn in low light environments to reduce the risk of injury or fatalities in hazardous conditions. Including gloves, all high visibility personal protective equipment are considered to be highly effective in workplaces as they are noticeable and prevent injuries.

Hi Vis Gloves Are Important
Benefits of High Visibility Gloves

Benefits of High Visibility Gloves

Eliminating or preventing workplace injuries to create a safe workplace is considered as the utmost priority of organizations due to the high cost that comes with any minor or major injury. Hi-vis gloves help in preventing injuries as they make the hand placement of the wearer visible to him and other people around so that hands are not caught in machinery or hammered accidentally.

When choosing a safety glove the element of its visibility should be an important consideration. It is easy to signal vehicles, field workers to a certain direction with the high visibility gloves as due to their colour and retroreflective properties one can easily be alerted. A few benefits of hi-vis work gloves are.

1- It is very common for workers to remove their gloves for a short period of time during the work which poses the threat of getting injured. Using hi-vis gloves makes it easier for the safety manager to keep a compliance check to observe or notice workers whether they are actually wearing gloves on the job or not.

2- Working in very low light conditions can increase the chances of workers to get injured considering the fact that hand injuries are one of the most commonly reported injuries at the workplace. Wearing hi-vis work gloves means more visible worker hands which can effectively reduce the number of on-site injuries.

3- Due to the high visibility of these gloves it is easy to alert other workers and signal them to the right direction which is highly useful for construction workers, traffic police officers, event parking guards, and EMS.

4- Another added advantage is that while wearing high visibility work gloves it is easier to spot the hands of other coworkers which limits the number of accidents./span>

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