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Vibration is quite possibly the most perilous risk one will experience while working in a heavy industry. One more big justification for why it is so risky is that many people don’t consider it a major concern. However, injuries brought about by vibration, for example, Hand-Arm Vibration Condition (or HAVS), can permanently harm one physically.

Since vibration injuries result from delayed exposure to vibration sources, for example, hand drills and large machines, laborers need to moderate these impacts. One method for doing this is by wearing the best anti-vibration gloves. Intended to retain and scatter the vibrations from power tools, anti-vibration gloves will help with decreasing the hazard of procuring vibration-induced injuries.

Anti-vibration gloves are a fundamental piece of your P.P.E kit assuming you work with power, air mechanisms, or any sort of vibrating hardware. Beneath, you can discover a few instances of hardware and power tools that might cause HAVS:

  • Grinders
  • Impact wrenches
  • Sanders
  • Power drills,
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Chainsaws
  • Jackhammers and more.

The hand-arm syndrome is an intense condition that influences the muscles, veins, joints, and nerves in the arms, wrists, and hands. Wounds that occur at frequencies between 5-2000, Hz.

To direct you in picking gloves intended to assist you with overseeing tools that produce vibrations, the following are some items that we might want to suggest.

Effects of Vibration

A lot of people don’t understand how essential anti-vibration gloves can be. And this happens because most people don’t realize the harmful effects of vibration. But the truth is, a lot of injuries occur as a result of vibrations, the most common being hand/arm vibration syndrome, or white finger. In this, blood vessels of the hand get damaged as a result of vibrations.

This is a dangerous condition as it can impair one’s dexterity, control, and movement. Another risk comes in the form of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, in which the median nerve gets either pinched or compressed as a result of constant vibrations. Due to this, a person can experience tingling, numbness, weakness, or constant pain in the hands.

What to Look for When Choosing Anti-Vibration Gloves?

In order to answer this question, it’s first important to note what separates anti-vibration gloves from normal gloves. As discussed above, workers in huge factories and construction sites can get exposed to many different forms of vibrations that can impact their lifetime hand functionality. In order to prevent this from happening, anti-vibration gloves come into the equation.

These gloves are different from your normal work PPE as they use a special urethane bladder that works as a barrier between the vibrating object and your palm. These bladders absorb the vibration before they reach and impact your hand. If your anti-vibration gloves don’t seem to possess this bladder, then they’re likely made from gel or other material to accomplish the same effect.

In summary, all the best anti-vibration gloves provide the following benefits, and that’s what you should look for when purchasing them.


The biggest benefit of anti-vibration gloves is that they provide your hands with added agility and firmness. This is especially important so that your workers can do all their factory-related tasks with ease without risking injury. With the addition of huge and dangerous machinery, it becomes a hundred times more essential to be comfortable and agile while performing any job. And that’s exactly what these gloves provide to the wearer.


A lot of criticism surrounding PPE comes in the form of a lack of flexibility with people reporting that most industrial PPE limits them in their movement, making it harder to control machinery. But these anti-vibration gloves aren’t just protective, they’re also designed keeping flexibility in mind.


The added benefit of these gloves comes with their cut-resistant quality. Not only do these gloves protect you from vibrations, but if you’re someone who works around sharp objects, then they can also keep you safe from dangerous cuts.


In addition to being cut-resistant and anti-vibration, high-quality gloves also ensure to be waterproof. This comes in handy when you’re someone who works around electrical material and is exposed to dangerous wires and runs the risk of shock.

Keep in Mind ANSI/ISO Standards for Anti-Vibration Gloves

While looking for the best anti-vibration gloves, it’s also necessary to keep in mind ISO’s standard for what qualifies as acceptable. These are the things you should be looking for:

  • Full-fingered and flexible design
  • ≤ 8 mm thick palm and ≥ 0.55 times thick padding in the thumb
  • Elastic wristband
  • Impact resistant

Fortunately, ELC meets all the requirements of anti-vibration gloves in our collection. Visit our website to find all you’re looking for.

Do Anti-Vibration Gloves Work?

The biggest disadvantage of vibration is its impact on the hand’s blood flow. Anti-vibration gloves not just absorb the impact of vibration before it can reach the hands, but also keep one’s hands warm, ensuring the regulation of blood flow. It’s extremely important to ensure regular blood circulation so that one’s hands can perform their regular workplace tasks with efficiency. Although, just like any other PPE, anti-vibration gloves should be used as a safety precaution. But keep in mind that they’re not a long-term solution for people who use vibrating machinery often.

Of course, they have enough benefits to become a regular PPE for hardcore work environments and should be invested in to make sure workers are safe and protected from harmful work side effects. For more information, visit ELC and have a look at our impact line to choose the best gloves for your work requirements.

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