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Do you ride a bike often and still wonder why bike riding gloves are on high demand? You’re not alone. Many people do not acknowledge the importance of putting on riding gloves the way they regard wearing a helmet as a necessary tool to ensure head protection. As bike riding is an activity that heavily relies on hands, it becomes particularly important to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to protect your hands from environmental elements such as cold and humidity as well as chances of potential accidents and damage.

How?  By wearing bike riding gloves while you’re riding. 

According to Dr. Robert Shaw, a renowned rheumatologist, bike riders are prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome which is a condition characterized by a numbing and tingling sensation in hands due to prolonged exposure to vibrating bikes and persistent bending of wrists. This not only feels unpleasant but can also result in lethal consequences in terms of losing control of the vehicle. But, these safety tools can prevent hand numbness and protect your hands from vibrations from the bike so that you can operate it correctly.  

Besides, riding gloves perform the following functions:

  • Optimum Grip:

The hand gloves for bike are made with moisture-wicking material which helps to keep the hands dry from excessive sweating in summers and thus, provide maximum grip and capability to control the bike. 

Riding Gloves
  • Relief & Safety:

Another commendable feature of driving gloves is that they offer an additional protective cover and comfort to the skin against roughness, blisters, and other skin-harming conditions.  

Driving Gloves
  • Protection Against Shock:

These gloves have a shock-absorption technology such as gel-padding embedded in them & help to prevent the transmission of shock from the road to the rider and thereby, reduce aches and forearm discomfort. 

Bike Crash
  • Safety Against Accidents:

No matter how long have you been riding for, road accidents are unpredictable and can occur at any time. A pair of these gloves can offer considerable safety for your palms against crashes like hitting the ground, rocks or sharp objects.

Person falling down with gloves

We’re committed to providing you premium quality leather gloves for riding purposes with a vast range of products with different specifications to choose from. Some of our remarkable offerings include: Elite Plus Motorcross Gloves, The Elite Apex DryStar, The Elite C-10 DryStar &  The Elite Cityrun DryStarTo know more about our driver gloves collection, visit our website or contact our customer support service. 

Elite Plus Motorcross Gloves

Elite Plus Motorcross Gloves:

These are made from high abrasion-resistant leather and offer high protection movement and comfort.

The Elite ApexDryStar:

These gloves from the latest Elite collection offer dynamic safety features like over-molded hard knuckle protector, EVA foam padding and integrated waterproof DryStar membrane to protect against accidents and winter weather.



The Elite C-10 Gloves:

These are specifically designed for riding in the rain, featuring a hydrophobic textile outer & DryStar liner to keep the hands dry and protected.

The Elite Cityrun DryStar:

These are an ideal choice for the cold weather, comprising of a waterproof DryStar membrane & a thinsulate liner to keep the hands protected against the dry weather.

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