High Visibility Gloves

The Benefits of High Visibility Gloves

High visibility (or hi-vis) gloves are a special kind of glove made specifically for their visibility due to the environment they’re used in. They are made with a fluorescent and retroreflective material and thus, emit light that makes them more visible and easy to use in high traffic situations, night time or dark workplaces like mines and such, rough weather conditions or job sites where workers must stand out from the background where they’re working. Hi-vis gloves are commonly available in fluorescent green, yellow and orange colours.

Why Are They Important?

As hi-vis work gloves glow in the dark, they are highly beneficial to be worn in low light environments to reduce the risk of injury or fatalities in hazardous conditions. Including gloves, all high visibility personal protective equipment are considered to be highly effective in workplaces as they are noticeable and prevent injuries.

Hi Vis Gloves Are Important
Benefits of High Visibility Gloves

Benefits of High Visibility Gloves

Eliminating or preventing workplace injuries to create a safe workplace is considered as the utmost priority of organizations due to the high cost that comes with any minor or major injury. Hi-vis gloves help in preventing injuries as they make the hand placement of the wearer visible to him and other people around so that hands are not caught in machinery or hammered accidentally.

When choosing a safety glove the element of its visibility should be an important consideration. It is easy to signal vehicles, field workers to a certain direction with the high visibility gloves as due to their colour and retroreflective properties one can easily be alerted. A few benefits of hi-vis work gloves are.

1- It is very common for workers to remove their gloves for a short period of time during the work which poses the threat of getting injured. Using hi-vis gloves makes it easier for the safety manager to keep a compliance check to observe or notice workers whether they are actually wearing gloves on the job or not.

2- Working in very low light conditions can increase the chances of workers to get injured considering the fact that hand injuries are one of the most commonly reported injuries at the workplace. Wearing hi-vis work gloves means more visible worker hands which can effectively reduce the number of on-site injuries.

3- Due to the high visibility of these gloves it is easy to alert other workers and signal them to the right direction which is highly useful for construction workers, traffic police officers, event parking guards, and EMS.

4- Another added advantage is that while wearing high visibility work gloves it is easier to spot the hands of other coworkers which limits the number of accidents./span>

Elite Leather offers a range of high visibility gloves that are comfortable to wear and high in dexterity along with other beneficial features such as abrasion resistance, impact resistance, cut resistance etc. View our leather gloves collection today!

What are ANSI Cut Level Standards

What are ANSI Cut Level Standards and Why Should You Know Them?

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. The ANSI cut level standards are based on specific testing methodology for protective industrial products. These standards are defined in the ”American National Standard for Hand Protection Classification” that provide information on the test methods that are feasible to determine the cut resistance in the safety equipment. These standards help to identify what hand safety products actually may meet your specific protection needs such as cut resistance, puncture resistance, hypodermic needle puncture resistance and abrasion resistance. Knowing these standards would aid you in understanding different performance levels. There has been significant changes to the cut-resistance classification overtime to improve hand safety of industrial workers.

ANSI Cut Resistance Level Standard

The new ANSI standards define ANSI glove ratings from A1 to A9 (minimum to maximum cut resistance). Let’s dive into a little detail on each ANSI level as for what application and work environment or hazards are they are each suitable for.


ANSI Cut Level A1

The protective gloves with A1 cut level can withstand cutting load of 200 g to 499 g. A1 is characterised as level 1 in protection against low cut hazards. Gloves with ANSI A1 rating are widely used in material handling, car maintenance, assembly level tasks, packaging, warehouse, forestry, construction, and general purposes. These gloves offer protection against paper and light scratches. However, they aren’t suitable for protection from blades or sharp metal cuts.

ANSI Cut Level A2

Characterized as level 2 in cut protection, the ANSI cut level 2 gloves can resist cutting load of 500 g to 999 g while offering hand protection against low to medium cut hazards. These gloves are most suitable for material handling, automotive assembly, packaging jobs, general purpose, pulp and paper, and landscaping.

ANSI Cut Level A3

The ANSI Cut level A3 gloves provide protection against moderate cut hazards and are rated for 1000 g to 1499 g cut load. Therefore, the level 3 gloves are ideal for light glass handling, appliance manufacturing and metal stamping jobs.

ANSI Cut Level A4

The ANSI cut level 4 gloves can withstand a cut load of 1500 to 2199 grams for moderate cut hazards. Gloves with the cut protection classification of level 4 are suitable for applications such as appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, paper production, metal stamping, and food processing.

ANSI Cut Level A5

In the cut level glove chart, it is represented that level 5 gloves have the tendency to withstand at least 2200 to 2299 grams of cut load for resistance against moderate to heavy cut hazards. The ANSI cut level 5 gloves are ideal to be used in a work environment where one needs to deal with sharp blades and objects. Automotive, construction, appliance manufacturing, glass handling, drywalling, electrical carpet installation, metal stamping, food processing, and aerospace industry.

ANSI Cut Level A6

The ANSI cut level A6 gloves can bear 3000 g to 3999 cut load. The gloves are widely used in metal stamping, metal recycling, HVAC, food and meat processing, metal fabrication, aerospace industry, and the automotive industry. These gloves rank in resistance against high cut hazards.

ANSI Cut Level A7

The level 7 gloves provide resistance against high cut hazards and are ideal for automotive assembly, sharp metal stamping, pulp and paper (changing slitter blades), aerospace industry, metal fabrication, glass manufacturing, window manufacturing and food preparation and processing.

ANSI Cut Level A8

Level 8 gloves provide cut protection against high cut hazards. They can withstand a cut load of 5000 to 5999 grams and are highly suitable for work environments such as metal stamping, metal fabrication, assembly or movement of large machinery or objects with sharp edges, glass and window manufacturing, food and meat processing, aerospace industry, HVAC and automotive assembly.

ANSI Cut Level A9

The protective gloves with cut resistance of level 9 can withstand 6000 g or more of cutting load for high cut hazards. The ANSI cut level A9 are ideal for tasks where there is a need of maximum cut protection such as automotive assembly, food and meat processing, HVAC, aerospace industry, metal stamping,
metal recycling, glass and window manufacturing, and metal fabrication.

To summarize here’s the chart displaying different ANSI Cut Levels


At Elite Leather, we offer leather cut resistant gloves of modern style that are designed to enhance abrasions, puncture and tear resistance fulfilling the ANSI cut level standards. Get in touch with us today and find out which glove type suits your employee needs best.

How Does Nitrile Coated Gloves Offer Hand Safety

How Does Nitrile Coated Gloves Offer Hand Safety?

Nitrile coated gloves can be an excellent choice for protecting your hands at the workplace without decreasing your efficiency especially when your job task includes handling small parts or tools, metal stamping and general-purpose or if you work in the automotive, warehousing and construction industry. You can find different types of coated gloves but nitrile work gloves offer you the maximum benefit and protection when it comes to chemical resistance and working with oily machineries and parts due to the improved grip that it offers you.

Hand Protection With Nitrile Coated Gloves:

There are a number of benefits that nitrile gloves offer to its wearer. Some of which have discussed in this article.

Hand Protection With Nitrile Coated Gloves

Cut and Puncture Resistant

Nitrile gloves offer three to five times more puncture resistance than any other type of coated gloves. Due to their excellent quality of puncture resistance, they are widely used in industries where workers have to deal with sharp metals or mechanical parts. Thus it offers optimum protection to the users from any cut or injury by various sharp objects.

Chemical Resistance

As it has been discussed earlier, nitrile-coated gloves serve as a great barrier of protection against hazardous chemicals. The reason for nitrile gloves being comparatively more resistant to chemicals, oils and acids is due to nitrile rubber that it ranks higher than latex or other coated gloves. It is because of this quality that nitrile gloves are prefered in automotive, manufacturing and other heavy duty industries.

Good Grip

Nitrile gloves provide an optimal level of grip which is highly essential when dealing with oily parts and sharp tools to avoid any accident or serious injury that may arise at the workplace due to slipping of greasy parts or loss of control. Not only nitrile gloves offer you protection from potential accidents but it also increases your efficiency due to their level of dexterity.


Among many other benefits that nitrile gloves offer to its users oil-resistant is one of them. It’s impossible to work with machineries and not have greasy hands. The nitrile coating on the palm and fingertips provides an ideal level of resistance against oils, lubricants, grease and oil by products so that workers are able to perform their work easily without getting engaged in any accident.

At Elite Leather , we design the best quality nitrile coated gloves that offer all the benefits to the workers along with comfort, dexterity and flexibility. View our collection today!

Factors to Look When Buying Leather Shoes

Factors to Look When Buying Leather Shoes

There’s a saying that shoes speak louder than words. Well they do, shoes are the first thing people notice in your appearance. They are a reflection of your personality. Whether it’s a job interview or an important dinner, if you are looking for approval or trying to put out a first good impression, you probably won’t get it with a sad-looking pair of battered shoes. It’s understandable that too much choice in shoes might be confusing and choosing the right pair according to your occasion might not be an easy task. Therefore, we have listed a few important factors that will be helpful while buying leather shoes.

Tips While Buying Leather Shoes

Shoes quality and comfort are as important as the style of shoes. So how to make sure you buy shoes that have all the factors. Well here are a few things that one needs to look for while buying leather shoes for men.


Measure Length And Width

The first thing to do before selecting the shoe is to measure the length and width of your feet. The measurement can be done by you or by the store representative. This will help you find the perfect fit for yourself as if the pair is too loose you won’t be able to walk properly and too tight may damage your skin. Choosing the right fit is essential whether you are buying leather shoes for casual for formal wear.


Choosing shoes that are comfortable when worn is highly important as otherwise it can impact your walking style and will cause pain in your feet which is not a risk that you’d definitely like to take. The level of comfort in the shoe is highly impacted by shoe quality and shape. Check the quality of leather and the fit in the size while you make the decision. The softness of the material and flexibility in the shoe sole should be given the attention


It isn’t always necessary that a stylish shoe is good in quality too. No matter what, buy shoes of premium quality and do not go after styling only. While many brands promise to deliver the best quality shoe, it is your job to analyze quality by checking the material and factors such as flexibility, comfort, weight, sole, padding, durability and finishing of the shoe. It’s an investment you cannot compromise on.

Water Resistance

Water-proof shoes last longer and provide more value to the price. These shoes are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree. However, you need to check that the quality of shoes is not affected by this feature.


You must be aware of which type of shoes goes with your appearance to create a lasting first impression. For example Oxford works perfect with formal attires and Loafers goes well with semi-casual attire.

Slip Resistant

Among many important features to spot in leather shoes slip-resistant is one of them. To check whether the shoes are slip-resistant or not, check the sole pattern from beneath. One of the greatest benefits of slip-resistant shoes is that they offer you a strong grip on the ground so that you walk easily and freely.

To conclude, we know that you would like buying leather shoes with all possible features. At Elite Leather , we manufacture the best quality leather shoes that are a perfect combination of elegance, style and comfort. Drop your query here.

How Punching Pads Can Improve Your Boxing Game

How Punching Pads Can Improve Your Boxing Game

Punching pads are a great addition to workout and training as they help martial arts, kick-boxing and boxing professionals in improving their skills. Focus pads are flat, handheld pads made of dense foam covered in leather, commonly used in training boxers and combat athletes. Using focus pads is easy also to use, the trainers hold the pad while the boxer punches in the centre of the pad.

You can find different type of punching pads or focus mitts such as air focus, club focus and Cuban focus pads. But the most effective are the leather focus pads as they are made of genuine quality leather which offers greater control, improved safety, better fit and durability. Leather focus mitts are best for those who use them on a regular basis.

Benefits of Punching Pads

With the use of punch mitts in training sessions, one can build offensive and defensive skills, and sharpen reflexes. Let’s know what benefits you can derive by using punching pads while training.

Benefits of Punching Pads

Improve Striking

Essential punching techniques like uppercuts can’t be performed with heavy bags. Training with Focus pads or double end bag sessions can only reward you with improved striking skill. Even though you can perform many punching techniques with a double end bag, the low resistance of them make focus mitts an ideal choice for your training session.


Practising with focus mitts conditions your body to unpredictability as during the sparring session mitt holders decide how you will punch and when you will punch, so you react according to another person which creates an unlikely scenario in comparison to training with heavy bags. During training with focus mitts, you get to perform different boxing combos and defensive skills that serves a great addition to your skills.

Stress Control

The interval training performed with focus pads builds mental toughness. Whereas, when doing round training, your body is trained to expend energy and then recover. The process of expansion and then recovery makes you tougher and mentally resilient. It also helps you to cope up with stress which is normal to experience in official competitions.

Self-defensive skills

Punch mitts are ideal to learn self-defense skills especially for those who don’t spar due to the fear of getting punched in the face or other problems It improves your blocking, parrying, slipping and rolling skills. As you learn how to dodge and strike your body gets accustomed to perform these movements automatically.


Motivation plays an important role during your game as it decides your tempo. When training with a punching bag or during heavy bag, speed bag and shadow boxing the tempo of the boxer might get low because of which one is not able to reap maximum benefits of the training session. It’s where having a partner that challenges you can make a real difference. The trainer with punching mitts makes sure your pace doesn’t go down and you have a sweaty session.

Another basic advantage of focus pads is that you can train with it anywhere. You don’t need to set up a ring or punching bag. However, during the training session, you need to consider that boxing gloves with smooth edges should be used to reduce the friction on mitts. Also, make sure that you buy the punching mitts that last long.

At Vigour by Elite Leather , we design the best quality coaching equipment that is long-lasting, durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear so that you can maximize your performance while keeping your safety first. Explore our wide range of shock-absorbent leather punching pads

Redefining Safety with Cut-Resistant Gloves

Redefining Safety with Cut Resistant Gloves

Our hands are one of the important assets we have and keeping them protected is highly essential especially when you are working around extreme hazards. In many of the non-fatal workplace injuries reported to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries take the toll making up the highest reported cases of non-fatal injuries. Therefore in an environment where cut and puncture injuries are likely to occur and hands are prone to experience strains, sprains, burns, fractures, punctures, cuts, and amputation, wearing cut-resistant gloves for employees become highly important so that they can perform their routine task with the same dexterity and precision without risking their hand protection.

Cut-resistant gloves are specifically designed to protect the worker’s hand from cut and punctures while working with sharp tools, needles, glass and blades. Cut-resistant gloves are rated on various ANSI levels defining the level of protection. The ANSI level ranges from A1 to A9 (protection against slight to extreme hazards). However, there are a few parameters that every cut-resistant glove should fulfill.

Parameters For Selecting The Right Cut-Resistant Gloves

Finding the right cut-proof gloves for your job is highly important because not just it would provide you ultimate level of hand safety but it would also increase your productivity by reducing the fear and risk of getting injured.



Comfort and dexterity are highly essential features to consider as they allow the worker to maintain their performance level by reducing the risk of injury. It makes them feel better and safe while enabling them to effectively handle small parts of a machinery or equipment which in result improves the likelihood of wearing gloves for a longer duration of time.


Cut protection is an essential investment to make. However, there are gloves with different levels of protection and to choose which is the right one you need to analyze your job task.

Chemical & Oil Resistance:

Working with mechanical parts means dealing with greasy and oily tools having the right cut-resistant gloves that are also chemical and oil resistant keep your grip tight on objects along with improving the precision of tasks.


The best cut-proof gloves enhance your gripping ability and reduces the chances of tools getting slip from hands. The feature not only provides safety but improves workers productivity and accuracy in performing tasks easily.


Make sure you select the cut-proof safety gloves that allow your hands to breathe in any work environment – too hot or too cold. Breathability reduces the moisture and sweating in hands caused by wearing gloves increasing the comfort, abrasion resistance and performance.

Abrasion resistance:

It is the ability of material to withstand abrasions that occur during the use of typically heavy machinery. Having cut-resistant gloves that are also abrasion-resistant is highly important when working in the automotive or construction industry.

It is not important that every cut-resistant glove has all these features, as one feature might be important to one job but not for the other. Therefore, Elite Leather provides highly customized cut-resistant leather gloves that are of premium quality and specifically designed to improve workers performance and hand safety. Drop your query here

Driving with wearing leather driving gloves

Reasons Why Leather Driving Gloves Are Essential

Did you know that leather driving gloves are a remarkable blend of style and practicality at the same time? In addition to looking great, these multifaceted gloves offer a variety of benefits to the wearer in terms of making the entire driving experience comfortable and secure as the leather material is not only conveniently available and long-lasting but is also resistant to a number of hazards like harsh temperatures, fire, erosion, and friction.

Advantages of Wearing Soft Leather Driving Gloves:

Although the primary benefit of wearing leather driving gloves is their matchless comfort, there are a number of other advantages that make them essential as safety equipment while driving:

1 – Maximum Control & Grip:

The level of grip and control varies greatly with vehicles. The last thing that you’d like to imagine would be to end up in a catastrophic accident while driving at a higher speed. Driving gloves provide adequate control and secure grip over the steering wheel to ensure that the automobile remains stable and you stay safe on the roads. Likewise, a good pair of driver work gloves are engineered to fit the hand’s anatomy to offer more comfort and a stronger hold.

maximum control and grip by wearing leather driver glove

2- Protects the Steering Wheel:

Driver work gloves can also help preserve the steering wheel from deteriorating over a period of time as a result of dirt, sweat, and dust by serving as a barrier between your skin and the wheel. This is specifically true for luxury vehicles that have wood or leather layered around the steering wheel. In this context, wearing premium quality gloves while driving ensures a great deal of protection to your valuable investment.

Protects the steering wheel

3- Counters Hand Fatigue:

When you’re driving for a long time, there’s a probability of attaining various hand injuries and conditions such as blisters and hand fatigue due to constant abrasion from the wheel. Leather drivers work gloves act as a protective layer to minimize vibration from the steering wheel and thereby, prevent your hands from exhaustion.

Black leather gloves - Best gloves for bikers / drivers

4- Shields Against Harsh Weather:

Another advantage of these gloves is that whether you’re driving in the scorching heat or freezing cold, they help to keep your hands comfortable. During the cold season, gloves for driving in winter assist keeping hands warm by exhibiting insulation properties and securing the natural temperature of the body. Likewise, during the summer season, the gloves help avoid sweat and ensure better grip over the vehicle.

Shields Against Harsh Weather by wearing good quality leather driver glove

5- Makes an Iconic Style Statement:

Last but not the least, a good pair of driving gloves makes an aesthetic driving style statement. Keeping into consideration a range of safety and functionality attributes along with style features, there’s no denying to the fact that these gloves are a pre-requisite for a great driving experience.

Black and Stylish Leather Driving Glove

We take pride in offering driving gloves made of deluxe quality leather material with an extensive range of products to explore from. If you’re looking for the best driving gloves customized as per your needs and specifications, feel free to get in touch with us to place your orders for personalized driving gloves. Send us an e-mail at mailto:info@elite-leather.com or call tel:+92 334 3931029.

Happy Driving!

A Guide to Select the Right Type of Leather for Gloves

A Guide to Select the Right Type of Leather for Gloves

There are different types of leather that you can find around the world, each with different characteristics. Because leather products have more durability, flexibility, lifespan, abrasion and strength they are considered to be an ideal choice for workers. Deerskin, goatskin, lambskin, calfskin and cowhide are some types of leather materials that are the most common in making gloves.

Types of Leather

Understanding the different types of leather and their characteristics will help you in offering the right leather gloves to your customers.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide is the most commonly used leather. Taken from the hides of cows, cowhide leather material is popular due to the durability, comfort, and texture, thus most of the manufacturers consider it ideal for working glove as it offers a great value in terms of texture and appearance too. Other than the mentioned advantages dirt and water resistance are few other benefits.
There are many different sizes and qualities available in the cowhide leather depending on the types of cow. However, full-grain leather is considered to be the best quality leather. Moreover, the tanning and finishing process of cowhide material is similar to box calf but the fibre thickness of both differs significantly from each other.

cowhide leather

Deerskin leather

North America is the place where you can get the finest quality deerskin. It has a much softer and lighter with the durability and strength of cowhide. Because of it its supple and smooth touch, deerskin is widely used in making of high-quality leather gloves as well as for different types of leather products. As deerskin is among one of the softest leathers it easily conforms to the hand and provide improve flexibility.

deerskin leather

Sheepskin Leather

Sheepskin leather is also known as shearling. The velvety-soft touch of sheepskin leather is the distinguishing factor. It is also the most comfortable and the thinnest leather. Moreover, it offers maximum dexterity and touch sensitivity. Therefore it is widely used for casual and country gloves because of its snug fit feature. New Zealand is home to the world’s finest sheep leather that is delicate and lightweight.

sheepskin leather

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin leather is rated high in strength and abrasion-resistance properties. It is considered as the strongest leather due to its excellent tear-resistant capability. Goatskin is softer and lighter than cowhide because of its natural oil content that makes it flexible but at the same time durable and coarse. Goatskin is mostly recognized but its ‘pebble’ grain characteristics

goatskin leather

Buffalo Leather

The leather derived from Buffalo is highly durable, strong, and rugged. Cape Buffalo is considered as the durable leather. The thickness of Buffalo leather offers best puncture resistance and abrasion resistance along with the breathability. As buffalo hides do not go through stretching process because otherwise, they would lose the texture and their distinctive textured aesthetic appeal, they are a lot smaller than cowhides. However, the leather derived from buffalo hide is equally firm.

Buffalo leather

Elite Leather specializes in the best range of high-grade leather gloves and other leather products designed to provide an optimal level of comfort, flexibility and abrasion resistance along with other features.

How Heavy Punching Bags Can Improve Your Boxing Skills

How Heavy Punching Bags Can Improve Your Boxing Skills

Do you want to become the next boxing champion? Did you know that heavy punching bags contribute significantly in winning the title in boxing leagues? The fitness industry is booming with the advent of new training devices every now and then. The focus is to improve the quality and durability of these training devices. Punching bag and gloves are one of these training devices that have proven to be practically incredible in molding of champions.

Pros of Heavy Punching Bags

These heavy punching bags can drastically increase your boxing skills in the following manner.

Professional heavy punching bags

Increase the Punching Power:

In order to increase your punching skills you need to make sure that you are hitting a heavy bag to maximize your punch force. Heavy bags help in developing the ideal fist power to ensure that a punch is thrown with the greatest force. These punching and training bags also helps in positioning and developing shoulders. The right cross and Jab on the heavy bag helps in developing the shoulder strength for maximum force.

Improve Firmness and Strategy:

Heavy punching bags also leads to improving the firmness and strategy. Circling the punching bag and throwing various punches also demands the right balance. One needs to go through most of the weight on the front foot to execute the punches effectively. Therefore, the right balance is the key to success while working with the heavy bag. Kickboxing heavy bag also requires the striking of the right balance./span>


Boxing Technique:

Boxing technique is developed by practising on the punching and training bags and is really obvious. Apart from striking the right balance for throwing punches and kickboxing in unusual fashion, heavy bag training gloves is also the key. These heavy bag gloves protects both the back of the hand and the fingers and thumb too. These gloves reduce the intensity of the punch thrown to avoid serious injuries on part of the opponent whereby increasing the safety of the sport. Therefore, these punching gloves can provide safety from the injuries that can be caused by the knuckles of the opponent.

Increases Fitness:

This professional punching bag is a great source of increasing fitness. One needs to perform certain aerobic moves to dodge and punch the heavy punching bags. This continuous act of punching can drastically improve the cardiorespiratory system while changing body positions also leads to a high fitness level. Fitness level is the key in boxing as it will help the boxer to withstand the longest possible time against the opponent. Professionals can typically manage to sustain their high-intensity punching for around three minutes.

Improve Concentration:

Hitting a hard heavy punching bag contributes to a drastic increase in the concentration level. These custom punching bags also contributes in improving the alertness level. Concentration and alertness level is a prerequisite in excelling the boxing skills. It also reduces the lethargy that can produce long periods of inactivity.

Boxing fight with leather punching bag

We provide the highest quality and durable leather punching bags and ensure that you remain safe while training. These leather punches bags are created with the purpose of providing the best quality boxing equipment and helps in excelling the boxing skills. If you are looking to refine your boxing skills than opt for this match-winning experience and start your boxing journey today. Drop your query to find a range of premium quality punching bags. Explore our collection today.

Take control of your journey with leather cycling gloves

Take control of your journey with leather cycling gloves

Every biker has its own cycling kit and leather cycling gloves are an essential part of it. A good pair of cycling gloves goes a long way whether you are riding for fun or fitness, as it provides you safety and comfort needed for a joyful riding experience. Here are a few features that you must consider while purchasing cycling gloves.

Features of Leather Cycling Gloves

When cycling protection and comfort matters to the same extent as the experience. To make sure you are buying the right leather cycling gloves consider the below features.


Always choose microsuede gel padded bicycle gloves for maximum comfort. Gloves with padded palms reduces hand fatigue as it absorbs vibration and distribute pressure, allowing you to enjoy longer rides. Long finger or half finger cycling gloves have a little higher price when designed with a padded palm, but the comfort they provide is worth it, especially when travelling on rough roads as this feature allows you to not lose control.



When traveling for long hours, sweaty palms and painful hands are common to experience which influence your performance. A pair of leather mountain bike gloves provide you improved grip on the handlebar, essential to stay in control and prevent any accident caused due to slippery hands.

Cycle Break Grip


Half fingered gloves are preferred by bikers in summer season. As the name suggests, these gloves expose the fingers, are made with a thinner but durable material and remove sweat quickly. Cycling in winter can be challenging, for which full finger road cycling gloves are essential to keep your hands warm while protecting them against harsh winds.

Riding sport cycle

Shock Absorption

Nerve damage is common to cyclists when biking especially because of mountain roads where bumpy rides cause energy shocks through arms and toward the hands. Therefore shock absorption is a necessary protective factor of leather cycling gloves.

Shock Absorption


Choosing the right fit improves your hand safety. If your gloves are loose, they lose the ability to reduce abrasion. On the other hand, if the gloves are too tight, the pressure on the ulnar nerves increases, causing discomfort. So to know what’s the right fit for you, check the webbing between your pointer finger and thumb so that your gloves remain stable. This will indicate flexibility, comfort and the perfect fit you need in leather cycling gloves.

Girl wearing cycling glove

If you are looking for the best range of cycling gloves that are stylish as well as designed to improve hand safety and performance, explore the leather cycling gloves collection offered by Elite Leather.

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