Things you should know about welding safety gear

The first thing that comes to the mind when thinking about welding safety gear is welding gloves and helmet. But these are not the only protective gear that welders use to keep them safe and protected while performing the hazardous tasks at work.

Welding gloves and helmets are highly essential for worker’s safety, however, there are many other PPEs that are necessary for such workers, not only for their safety but to improve their efficiency and ease to perform tasks too.

Types of Welding Safety Gears

Safety is the major concern of any industry that is highly involved in welding tasks due to the high number of burn injuries reported. These injuries usually take place as a result of exposure to hot metals, arc rays and electric shocks. Some of the common welding safety gears are gloves, helmets, apron, capes, leather welding pants, and welding spats.

Leather welding aprons such as Welder Light are fire resistant to provide protection from spatter and sparks, feature front pockets, and are stitched for durability.

Welding Apron:

Welding Aprons are commonly made of leather material and are used to cover the front of the body from chest to the knee so that when performing such tasks, workers can protect themselves from burns resulting from fire sparks and debris. Welding aprons usually come in standard sizes and are worn over clothes. They feature adjustable straps for a secure fit.


Welding Jacket:

Welding jackets are one of the valuable assets of workers. Welding jackets serve as the best armour when you are in the middle of a job and the sparks are flying at a high rate thus protecting you from serious burns. These jackets must be fire-resistant offering some form of thermal insulation. It is also important that it offers maximum comfort and is of high-quality like our rigger welder jacket. This jacket is made of the top quality cowhide and offers excellent heat protection and abrasion resistance.


Welding Pants:

Welding pants offer the wearer a great length of leg protection and are available in different sizes. Professionals usually prefer such pants in leather due to the high durability of leather welding products. Leather pants provide full frontal body coverage excluding neck and hand protection. Welding pants are much like aprons but have attached leg covering.


Welding Spats:

Welding spats are used for feet safety as they need protection all the way down to the toes. They are attached around the ankle and prevent one from sparks and splatter.
Spats Goldust is one of our finest quality cow split leg guards, ideal for all types of welding tasks due to their excellent heat and abrasion resistance. They have adjustable leather straps and are stitched with Kevlar thread to offer maximum durability.


Welding Gloves

According to the ANSI standards, all the welders need to wear leather welding gloves for hand safety and protection. These gloves must be heat and flame resistant to protect workers’ hands from potential injuries.

Welding gloves such as Bistre and many others manufactured by Elite Leather offer maximum protection to the welders. Certified as EN 407, these gloves provide protection against molten splash, thermal resistance, convective heat and other hazards. Moreover, the gloves are designed to offer maximum flexibility and comfort to the wearer.


Leather welding safety gear is considered as the best due to their ability to prevent heat from penetrating through the garment due to the thickness of the leather. Moreover, leather protective wear is durable and offers maximum protection against abrasions. Explore our range of leather protective wear today!

How to create a safe work

How To Create A Safe Work Environment?

Creating, maintaining and promoting a safe work environment is essential for all organizations. To make sure that they take measures to promote a safe workplace culture Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires them to comply with OSHA rules and regulations because putting up a few safety signs and messages is not enough.

Among various workplace injuries, hand and finger injuries alone account for 27% of the total accidents. The toll of these injuries rises even higher in construction and heavy machinery industries. A recent report stated that in the oil and gas industry the percentage is 43%

Not only are these injuries painful and a cause of distress for employees but also a huge cost burden for organizations who are responsible for the treatment and may face a lawsuit. The more the injuries, the higher the cost. However, companies following proper safety measures and procedures can eliminate and reduce the cost of injuries at work.

Ways To Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

Below are some steps that need to be followed to promote a safe work environment and to make sure that all employees follow them:

1- Minimize Potential Hazards

It is nearly impossible to eliminate all work hazards, but what you can do is scan your work area, detect the potential hazards and eliminate them. Make sure your safety inspection manager is aware of OSHA standards, rules and regulations to promote a safe working environment. Detecting potential hazards include checking machinery, tools and equipment, replacing outdated equipment with updated and secure ones, using digital signage to remind employees of the proper manner to lift boxes or fork lifting so that any slip, trips and fall can be avoided, and ensure that there is no obvious chemical or physical hazard, while also motivating employees to report any hazard that they detect.

minimize potential hazards

2- Safety Procedures

A safe work environment is the result of concrete workplace policies and measures. Therefore, your organization must follow a set practise or policy that is up to date and communicated to the employees so they are encouraged to follow it. Check that if there are important signs posted everywhere they should be. Make sure that the safety programs are revised according to OSHA standards.

safety procedures

3- Safety Training

Safety training must be provided to all the workers using techniques that are memorable so that all the employees understand, retain and implement the measures they have learned. Consider making training sessions an ongoing practice for all the employees and provide them with refresher sessions. Make sure that the safety training must be according to the OSHA laws due to their high effectiveness in promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

safety training

4- Personal Protective Equipment

One of the best ways to ensure a safe working environment is to ensure that each and every employee wears personal protective equipment including leather work gloves. Wearing the right gloves can protect you from any chronic injury or cuts and can decrease the chances of harm by ensuring hand safety and protection. Make sure workers are aware of why wearing PPE is important as it will motivate them to take care of their safety all the time.

Protective Equipment

Elite Leather provides the best quality and comfortable industrial leather gloves for hand safety and protection. View our collection today and get the gloves best fitting your industry and work standards.

The Importance of Groin Protector in Boxing

The Importance of Groin Protector in Boxing

Groin protector is one of the important protective equipment for a boxing professional during training or sparring activities. The groin guard is especially designed for the purpose of protecting the user from accidental hits that might occur during training or professional boxing sessions. In other words, groin protector is the equipment worn for the protection of the groin region during any combat or fighting sports.

Winning groin protectors that are most effective, protective and durable are designed with leather material including a groin cup so the next time you are heading out for your training session you can make sure you have the groin protector in your safety kit.

Considering that the occurrence of accidental blows is common during fighting and intense sparring sessions, it is therefore necessary for fighters and martial arts professionals to wear groin protectors to secure themselves from unbearable pain or any intense injury that might take place during practice. Moreover, wearing the groin protector increases the feeling of safety and as a result, improves the ability of the user enabling them to perform better without any fear.


Choosing The Right Groin Protector:

There are multiple factors that one must consider while buying a groin protector. Some are the essential features to consider:

Superior Protection

The material of the groin protector determines the level of protection it can offer. Leather-made groin guards offer the best protection as they survive the hardest and toughest shots. Moreover the gel-padding adds a layer of shock absorption.


For intense workout and training you need a groin protector that is durable thus manufactured with leather material are more durable than others. Moreover, the tricot lining makes it more comfortable to wear along with increasing its durability and strength during intense training or sparring.

Fit & Comfort

Other than maximum protection, comfortability and secure fit is another important feature to consider as it will impact the performance of the user otherwise. To ensure the comfort level make sure to check that the groin protector selected is best suited for your body type and is designed with elastic leg strap offering a secure fit and easy adjustability.


Size is the most important factor that must be taken into account to ensure maximum performance. Choosing a too-large size will cause the groin protector to move and affect the adjustability of the groin cup making the protection an issue. Choosing a too small size will cause discomfort too, therefore, selecting you must select the right size for yourself when purchasing a groin protector.

Vigour by Elite Leather provides the best quality leather groin protectors and guards that offer maximum protection and mobility.

workplace safety tips you should always follow

10 Workplace Safety Tips You Should Always Follow

Every worker should be working in a safe and protective environment where they are not prone to injuries or serious workplace accidents that may change their life forever. Occupational injuries provoke major crises not only for the victim but for their families too. In addition to that, they can cause a major financial burden for the worker’s family as well as for the businesses that bear the cost that arises due to lack of workplace safety implementation. To avoid any such incidents, every company should form a workplace safety committee that is responsible to communicate workplace safety tips.

A Few Workplace Safety Tips

Here are few workplace safety awareness tips that you should follow:

1- Conduct Workplace Inspection

Make sure to have an inspection annually at the least to identify existing and potential hazards. Once you have identified the issues, implement solutions to ensure that the problems are in control. A common checklist of potential hazards can help carry the process.

Conduct Workplace Inspection

2- Wear Safety Equipment

Wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most important workplace health and safety tips. It is essential that workers wear protective equipment all the time. Also note that different jobs require different protective gears therefore one PPE can be right for one job but not for the other. PPE includes ear muffs, helmets, guards, masks, shields, and leather gloves. Make sure to buy quality protective gear for optimal safety. Elite Leather is a leading manufacturer of leather safety products. You can explore our products to see which item can work best for your workplace.

Wear Safety Equipment

3- Keep Emergency Exits Clear

What if there is a fire and the emergency exits are blocked? That’s right, no one will be able to get out! So make sure to keep the emergency doors free of any clutter to ensure a clear and easy route to emergency exits and equipment. It is also necessary to place equipment in proper storage areas for easy access.

Keep Emergency Exits Clear

4- Use Tools and Machineries

When handling tools and machineries, it is important to follow that you are operating them according to the instructions they come with. Supervisors should make sure to assign working with heavy machineries only to those who are properly trained to operate them. Taking any shortcut to save time while operating the equipment will only increase the risk of injury. Furthermore, cleaning and inspection of equipment is important to ensure safety.

Use Tools and Machineries

5- Communicate Safety Hazards

Most of the time, your safety is in your hands. Make sure to keep yourself aware of possible threats in your surroundings and if you observe hazards that can cause injury, inform your supervisor about it and communicate with your peers so that they remain cautious.

Communicate Safety Hazards

6- Take Breaks

A tired worker is more prone to workplace accidents. To avoid any injury or burnout take your regular scheduled break to keep yourself fresh and try to schedule your most difficult task at the beginning of the day when you can concentrate at best.

Take Breaks

7- Keep Correct Postures

Maintain a good posture to avoid back problems and body pain. Always keep your back straight and keep pressure on your legs to lift anything. Use mechanical aid whenever possible no matter if it takes an extra few minutes. Never take risks when it comes to safety.

Keep Correct Postures

8- Beware of New Safety Procedures

It’s important that your safety department is aware of new safety procedures and keep implementing the changes to make the workplace environment more secure. Be sure to communicate new standards to all employees.

Beware of New Safety Procedures

9- Store Flammable Material Properly

Choose an appropriate place to store, handle and use flammable and combustible liquids, more appropriately in well-ventilated areas to avoid any fire hazards. Also, use metal receptacles to store combustible waste and dispose it regularly.

Store Flammable Material Properly

10- Conduct Workplace Safety Trainings

Work safety begins with a well trained workforce. Companies should ensure periodic training to make the employees skilled and knowledgeable about the workplace safety to avoid the risk of getting injured and how to give first aid in case of any incident.

Conduct Workplace Safety Training's

While all employees should try their best in following workplace safety tips, it is the management that should ensure that proper policies and procedures should be in place to create a safe workplace environment. Read more about workplace safety here.