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Elite Leather is a people-driven organization whose core strength is their human resources who help us build, equip and manage our operations to the highest standards. Our responsible and talented team, skilled workforce, well-trained in-house designers and quality control technicians have always been our competitive edge over all other suppliers, along with our production capacity of 1 million sq. ft. supported by four tanneries.

Elite Leather is a premium quality industrial hand gloves manufacturer along with many of our other leather apparel products and is one of the first-class leather exporters in Pakistan.

Our Philosophy

Empowered employees working in an open culture makes our company it a people-driven organization. Our alliances with top international brands have opened the gates of opportunities for our team to learn and expand. This has also enabled us to create rewarding jobs for both experienced and fresh talent. We are committed to our corporate social responsibility and prevent all practices that harm the environment. Child labour, bribery, and all malpractices are forbidden at Elite Leather.


Over the past decade, we have proven that our leather quality is unmatched. Most of the countries producing artificial or synthetic leather in such a wide array of goods have helped us become a market leader in no time as we provide relatively higher quality goods made with authentic leather. Our staff consists of many professionals including quality control technicians and leather technologists who have been in this field for a considerable period. Them, along with our state-of-the-art technologies and committed standard back up enable us to stay in pace with modern trends in the changing world of fashion design and the fascinating unpredictability of consumer demands. We are extremely biased about our quality measures, industrial safety standards and always provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated network of supply of quality products that prove to be interesting for our buyers.


We manufacture premium quality industrial leather gloves and safety wears to cater various industry professionals.


We focus on delivering an exceptional customer service through our 24/7 free support.


ELC offers a diverse range of high-end quality leather safety wears at the most affordable prices.

ELITE LEATHER | Industrial Safety Professionals

Premium quality tailored as per customized needs with premium quality feature and design