How to create a safe work

Creating, maintaining and promoting a safe work environment is essential for all organizations. To make sure that they take measures to promote a safe workplace culture Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires them to comply with OSHA rules and regulations because putting up a few safety signs and messages is not enough.

Among various workplace injuries, hand and finger injuries alone account for 27% of the total accidents. The toll of these injuries rises even higher in construction and heavy machinery industries. A recent report stated that in the oil and gas industry the percentage is 43%

Not only are these injuries painful and a cause of distress for employees but also a huge cost burden for organizations who are responsible for the treatment and may face a lawsuit. The more the injuries, the higher the cost. However, companies following proper safety measures and procedures can eliminate and reduce the cost of injuries at work.

Ways To Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

Below are some steps that need to be followed to promote a safe work environment and to make sure that all employees follow them:

1- Minimize Potential Hazards

It is nearly impossible to eliminate all work hazards, but what you can do is scan your work area, detect the potential hazards and eliminate them. Make sure your safety inspection manager is aware of OSHA standards, rules and regulations to promote a safe working environment. Detecting potential hazards include checking machinery, tools and equipment, replacing outdated equipment with updated and secure ones, using digital signage to remind employees of the proper manner to lift boxes or fork lifting so that any slip, trips and fall can be avoided, and ensure that there is no obvious chemical or physical hazard, while also motivating employees to report any hazard that they detect.

minimize potential hazards

2- Safety Procedures

A safe work environment is the result of concrete workplace policies and measures. Therefore, your organization must follow a set practise or policy that is up to date and communicated to the employees so they are encouraged to follow it. Check that if there are important signs posted everywhere they should be. Make sure that the safety programs are revised according to OSHA standards.

safety procedures

3- Safety Training

Safety training must be provided to all the workers using techniques that are memorable so that all the employees understand, retain and implement the measures they have learned. Consider making training sessions an ongoing practice for all the employees and provide them with refresher sessions. Make sure that the safety training must be according to the OSHA laws due to their high effectiveness in promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

safety training

4- Personal Protective Equipment

One of the best ways to ensure a safe working environment is to ensure that each and every employee wears personal protective equipment including leather work gloves. Wearing the right gloves can protect you from any chronic injury or cuts and can decrease the chances of harm by ensuring hand safety and protection. Make sure workers are aware of why wearing PPE is important as it will motivate them to take care of their safety all the time.

Protective Equipment

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