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The working environment for the industrial workers is becoming quite vulnerable to risks and accidents. With an increasingly complex and demanding nature of work, a huge responsibility befalls on the employers to adapt comprehensive safety measures to minimize if not entirely prevent the unpredictably dangerous encounters. How?  By incorporating the use of safety equipment such as leather gloves as a mandatory operational requirements.


Although, the selection of gloves depends on the industry and the work being handled, it is crucial to determine that the workers are equipped with the right kind of gloves to ensure that the safety purpose is being fulfilled. For example, as a supervisor, it might be good for you to consider whether the worker needs to be protected from sharp objects or heat and burns? If your concern is the latter, leather gloves serve as an ideal choice. 

Leather Gloves

Why? Leather gloves are made from different animal skins like cowhide, deerskin and sheepskin. Each of the types has different specifications and benefits:

Cowhide Leather Gloves

It is among the most popular leather gloves and has significant durability, abrasion resistance and heat resistance and can be excellent to use for welding purposes where the workers are frequently exposed to high heat. One such example is our driver gloves made from cowhide leather.


Goatskin Leather Gloves

These gloves are extremely soft, have excellent abrasion-resistance and are durable with a versatile range of applications in industries like automotive work, assembly work and landscaping where there’s a remarkable risk of abrasion and friction. We offer premium quality assembly gloves made from goatskin leather.

Sheepskin Leather Gloves

This category has soft, elastic, flame-resistant and light-weight gloves and are used in assembly work, motor industry and electronic industry where there are chances of getting cut injuries & sheepskin leather mechanic gloves are among the best tools used for the motor industry work. 


Leather Cuffs:

Did you know? The application of leather gloves is not only based on the material used but also on the cuff styles such as gauntlet cuff, safety cuff & knitwrist cuff.  At ELC, we provide a variety of gloves with different cuff styles to best suit the industrial tasks.


Gauntlet Cuff

This cuff style is nearly 4-½ in length and is suitable for providing maximum forearm protection.  Our Canadian Gloves are available in this cuff-style.

Safety Cuff

This style is 2-½ in length and is best suited to use in high-risk work owing to its flexibility to get easily removed in case of an emergency. We offer Canadian Gloves in safety cuff as well. 

Safety Cuff
Knitted Wrist

Knitwrist Cuff

This particular style is well-suited for protecting against harsh weather and industrial waste material. Our knitted gloves feature knitwrist cuff to provide maximum safety. 

Importance of Leather Gloves for Workers:

Here’s how using these gloves can lessen the probability of accidents to a considerable extent: 

  • Minimizing the likelihood of getting puncture and needle bruises. 
  • Prevention against the loss of finger and hands as a result of machine accidents. 
  • Safety against changing and high temperatures. 
  • Protection against chemical burns.

At Elite Leather Creations, we offer premium quality leather gloves in Pakistan which feature a range of diverse categories of products and their respective patterns such as sports gloves, luxury gloves and industrial gloves. Our products are manufactured using high-tech machinery & can be customized according to the specifications and industrial requirements. To get an insight into our complete leather gloves range, visit our website or contact our customer support service.

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