Factors to Look When Buying Leather Shoes

There’s a saying that shoes speak louder than words. Well they do, shoes are the first thing people notice in your appearance. They are a reflection of your personality. Whether it’s a job interview or an important dinner, if you are looking for approval or trying to put out a first good impression, you probably won’t get it with a sad-looking pair of battered shoes. It’s understandable that too much choice in shoes might be confusing and choosing the right pair according to your occasion might not be an easy task. Therefore, we have listed a few important factors that will be helpful while buying leather shoes.

Tips While Buying Leather Shoes

Shoes quality and comfort are as important as the style of shoes. So how to make sure you buy shoes that have all the factors. Well here are a few things that one needs to look for while buying leather shoes for men.


Measure Length And Width

The first thing to do before selecting the shoe is to measure the length and width of your feet. The measurement can be done by you or by the store representative. This will help you find the perfect fit for yourself as if the pair is too loose you won’t be able to walk properly and too tight may damage your skin. Choosing the right fit is essential whether you are buying leather shoes for casual for formal wear.


Choosing shoes that are comfortable when worn is highly important as otherwise it can impact your walking style and will cause pain in your feet which is not a risk that you’d definitely like to take. The level of comfort in the shoe is highly impacted by shoe quality and shape. Check the quality of leather and the fit in the size while you make the decision. The softness of the material and flexibility in the shoe sole should be given the attention


It isn’t always necessary that a stylish shoe is good in quality too. No matter what, buy shoes of premium quality and do not go after styling only. While many brands promise to deliver the best quality shoe, it is your job to analyze quality by checking the material and factors such as flexibility, comfort, weight, sole, padding, durability and finishing of the shoe. It’s an investment you cannot compromise on.

Water Resistance

Water-proof shoes last longer and provide more value to the price. These shoes are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree. However, you need to check that the quality of shoes is not affected by this feature.


You must be aware of which type of shoes goes with your appearance to create a lasting first impression. For example Oxford works perfect with formal attires and Loafers goes well with semi-casual attire.

Slip Resistant

Among many important features to spot in leather shoes slip-resistant is one of them. To check whether the shoes are slip-resistant or not, check the sole pattern from beneath. One of the greatest benefits of slip-resistant shoes is that they offer you a strong grip on the ground so that you walk easily and freely.

To conclude, we know that you would like buying leather shoes with all possible features. At Elite Leather , we manufacture the best quality leather shoes that are a perfect combination of elegance, style and comfort. Drop your query here.

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