Assembly Line Gloves

The need to emphasize upon the importance of wearing assembly line gloves is among the fundamental steps to prevent injuries at work. As working in the assembly line requires consistent usage of hands, dealing with sharp objects, grease and other harmful things, it becomes imperative on the part of employers to ensure that the workers are equipped with the right kind of tools to provide optimum protection to them so that they are not only secure but also in the best state to perform efficiently.

But, the task to choose the appropriate glove for particular applications can be quite difficult. Why? While some safety gloves offer an acceptable degree of preservation, they might fall short on other parameters such as dexterity to execute a variety of tasks. In such a scenario, it is important to look for the following features:

  • Cut-resistance:

Cut-resistance is a crucial feature to look for in the assembly line gloves as the workers are frequently exposed to sharp materials such as needles, glass and sharp metal edges. Therefore, it is important to have a protective layer against possible injuries.

Cut resistant glove
  • Good grip:

Good grip is yet another characteristic to consider while choosing the workwear gloves. If the task requires handling wet or oily objects, they could be difficult to grasp & even lead to further chaos like damaging equipment or injuring other co-workers.

Good grip assembly line glove
  • Comfort:

Comfort is often neglected over safety which can be risky. It is necessary to make sure that the gloves are comfortable enough to be worn by the workers for a longer duration of time.

comfortable assembly line gloves
  • Water-resistance:

This quality is specifically relevant when the nature of task includes working with wet and greasy objects.

Water resistant assembly line glove

The industrial safety gloves offer some remarkable advantages to the workers:

  • They provide an excellent dexterity & tactility to handle and feel the smaller parts of an equipment.
  • By wearing examination gloves, the risk of getting needle-cuts can be significantly reduced.
  • As fingers and fingertips primarily get in contact with the colder areas of an objects, these gloves can offer shield against the harshness of weather.

We offer a premium quality selection of gloves for assembly line work. All of our offerings feature high quality and skin friendly material and adhere to industrial safety standards. Here are some of our products from the assembly line collection: 

Assembly line deluxe

Elite Assembly Deluxe:

These gloves comprise of soft-dyed goat leather, elastic wrist band and velcro closure tape for grip adjustment. They are excellent for use in assembly purposes, outdoor work and landscaping.


Elite Assembly Gardener Gloves:

These are specifically designed for gardening activities and are made with top quality soft goat leather, are equipped with shirred elastic for perfect grip and full index finger design for good fit. These are well suited to use in wet conditions, landscaping and outdoor work.

Assembly line gardener glove
Assembly line light glove

Assembly Light Gloves:

These gloves feature Azo free dyed cotton fabric, soft goat grain top quality leather and hook and loop closure for hand grip. Its most suitable application is in handling work in assembly line, roadwork and cabling.

To know more about our products, visit our website:

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