Guide Against Chemical Hazards

Working in a factory may not seem so hardcore for an outsider, but only those who have actually experienced working in a factory environment know how dangerous it can be for workers, from operating high-maintenance machinery to chemical hazards in the workplace, there are a lot of risks to consider. About more than half of workplace injuries that occur every year are hand and finger injuries. In this blog, we assess the rules OSHA has when it comes to hand protection and provide a guide to how you can attain this protection.

OSHA Hand Protection Rules

OSHA standard 1910.138 is the hand protection rule by the occupational safety management organization that states that employers must require employees to wear hand protection when they face exposure to hazards. The most common of these hazards include:

  • Thermal burns acquired through welding, cutting, and working with hot materials.
  • Burns acquired by working near steam equipment, ovens, etc.
  • Abrasions from belts, shafts, etc.
  • Chemical burns acquired from potent substances, acids, etc.
  • Stress from repetitive use of heavy material/machinery.
  • Severe cuts and lacerations.

Choosing the Right Gloves

Since we’re focusing on chemical hazards in the workplace, we need to focus on the right type of gloves an employee should wear while dealing with hazardous chemicals during their tasks. According to OSHA, about 70% of employees either don’t use protective equipment or wear the wrong PPE and hence, end up suffering rather than preventing their injuries.

1. Synthetic Leather Gloves

Although pure leather is really effective against many types of sharp and dangerous objects, the only type of leather that actually is comparatively effective against chemical hazards in the workplace is synthetic leather. Apart from chemicals, synthetic leather is also useful against abrasions, cuts, and some other workplace dangers that an employee might face.
If you’re looking for the right kind of high-quality leather gloves for your workplace, the mechanical glove collection from ELC can be of use to you.

2. Latex Gloves

One type of material that can be effective against chemical hazards in the workplace is latex gloves. They’re comfortable to wear and provide elasticity and temperature resistance to the wearer. These gloves can act as a good chemical safety gear with their resistance against alkalis, salts, ketones, and acids, etc.
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3. Coated Fabric Gloves

These gloves are commonly made from cotton with plastic on one side to provide grip and slip-resistance to the user. Along with acting as industrial safety equipment, they also offer safety against bricks, wires, etc.

4. Butyl Gloves

Perhaps one of the strongest materials against chemical hazards at the workplace, Butyl protects the user against corrosive acids, alcohol, oxidation, ozone corrosion, and abrasion.

5. Nitrile Gloves

Made of a copolymer to provide protection against oils, greases, chlorinated solvents, acids, etc. One of the biggest benefits of Nitrile is that it can stand tough against prolonged exposure.
The Kevlar gloves from ELC, coated with Nitrile, provide the best grip along with chemical protective clothing.

6. Neoprene Gloves

Perfect for workers that need pliability and finger mobility, neoprene gloves are effective against hydraulic fluids, organic acids and alkalis, gasoline, and alcohol. The chemical-resistant gloves also provide high tear resistance to avoid damage that results from prolonged use.

Along with providing the right type of industrial safety equipment, employers should also focus on providing the right level of training to every employee to ensure they’re using the right PPE at the right time. This will ensure the safety gear being used isn’t overused or damaged without proper cause. Providing safety management solutions to their employees should be the priority of every employer. This will not only ensure employee safety but also make the factory environment more efficient. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the right kind of safety gear, Elite-Leather Creations is a good place to start looking.

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