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Hand Injuries at the workplace can have very troublesome consequences from fatal injuries to massive cost bearing. It should be mandatory at workplaces to ensure hands safety because the well-being of workers has its priority and perks of losing a workforce is not worth the neglect. Medical cost from treatment to recovery can also be extremely draining considering the fact the injuries may lead to loss of functioning and sensation eventually lead to inability of worker to perform basic tasks resulting in losing their job.

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Preventing Hand Injuries

Employers have the responsibility of ensuring that all the workers are working in safe conditions. So to prevent injuries, hand safety programs should be implemented, and plenty of appropriate equipment should be provided to the workers – in this case, the right equipment would be hand protection gloves. 

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The most effective ways of ensuring hand safety as suggested by experts are as follows:

1. Identifying Hazards:

Precedent matters, and knowing the potential dangers that cause the most hand injuries is the first step to prevent further hand injuries. The most common hand hazards are rotating parts, hot and/or cold materials, sharp edges, automated machines, and unsafe clothing.

2. Reducing Hazards:

Building barriers between the hazards and the employees reduces hand injuries greatly. One of those barriers is the use of industrial safety hand gloves. 70% of the hand injuries caused at the workplace occurred because the workers weren’t wearing safety gloves.

3. Encourage Workers to Follow Safe Work Practices:

Give workers plenty of training before they start working, and implement and monitor those trainings by encouraging workers to follow them on the daily. 

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The above listed preventions can easily be covered if you use the right products for your employees, and ELC provides just that. Take a look at some of the benefits of using our leather gloves:

Benefits of Using ELC Gloves for Hand Safety

Elite Leather Gloves are made with premium quality leather which ensure strength throughout the life of the glove. Our  safety gloves are made according to industry standards of EU and ASTM. Every gloves batches are ungone for strict testing and QA process to cross validate quality of gloves because we believe it’s more than a responsibility to ensure hands are protected when at work.. ELC has different types and builds of gloves available for every industry and application, such as nitrile coated work gloves, electrical rubber gloves, jersey-lined, Kevlar, safety leather hand gloves, etc.  

ELC also provides a glove guide and glove chart to provide further information about gloves that are best used for hand safety at the workplace. So to invest in ELC means to invest in your worker’s safety. Take a look at our leather glove catalog and find the products that are best suited to your employee’s needs to make sure that they stay safe and your work continues to grow seamlessly.

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