How Punching Pads Can Improve Your Boxing Game

Punching pads are a great addition to workout and training as they help martial arts, kick-boxing and boxing professionals in improving their skills. Focus pads are flat, handheld pads made of dense foam covered in leather, commonly used in training boxers and combat athletes. Using focus pads is easy also to use, the trainers hold the pad while the boxer punches in the centre of the pad.

You can find different type of punching pads or focus mitts such as air focus, club focus and Cuban focus pads. But the most effective are the leather focus pads as they are made of genuine quality leather which offers greater control, improved safety, better fit and durability. Leather focus mitts are best for those who use them on a regular basis.

Benefits of Punching Pads

With the use of punch mitts in training sessions, one can build offensive and defensive skills, and sharpen reflexes. Let’s know what benefits you can derive by using punching pads while training.

Benefits of Punching Pads

Improve Striking

Essential punching techniques like uppercuts can’t be performed with heavy bags. Training with Focus pads or double end bag sessions can only reward you with improved striking skill. Even though you can perform many punching techniques with a double end bag, the low resistance of them make focus mitts an ideal choice for your training session.


Practising with focus mitts conditions your body to unpredictability as during the sparring session mitt holders decide how you will punch and when you will punch, so you react according to another person which creates an unlikely scenario in comparison to training with heavy bags. During training with focus mitts, you get to perform different boxing combos and defensive skills that serves a great addition to your skills.

Stress Control

The interval training performed with focus pads builds mental toughness. Whereas, when doing round training, your body is trained to expend energy and then recover. The process of expansion and then recovery makes you tougher and mentally resilient. It also helps you to cope up with stress which is normal to experience in official competitions.

Self-defensive skills

Punch mitts are ideal to learn self-defense skills especially for those who don’t spar due to the fear of getting punched in the face or other problems It improves your blocking, parrying, slipping and rolling skills. As you learn how to dodge and strike your body gets accustomed to perform these movements automatically.


Motivation plays an important role during your game as it decides your tempo. When training with a punching bag or during heavy bag, speed bag and shadow boxing the tempo of the boxer might get low because of which one is not able to reap maximum benefits of the training session. It’s where having a partner that challenges you can make a real difference. The trainer with punching mitts makes sure your pace doesn’t go down and you have a sweaty session.

Another basic advantage of focus pads is that you can train with it anywhere. You don’t need to set up a ring or punching bag. However, during the training session, you need to consider that boxing gloves with smooth edges should be used to reduce the friction on mitts. Also, make sure that you buy the punching mitts that last long.

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