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Full-grain leather shoes are known to be the most durable and strongest shoes that one can get, but the real question is how do you clean them? Well, you have to follow a few steps to keep your leather shoes brand new.

We at Elite-leather are aware of the fact that with the passage of time, full-grain leather sneakers can seamlessly get dirty due to thorough and daily use. This is why we have written this article to provide you with a complete guide on how to take good care of your leather shoes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Boots?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: it depends on your preference; however, if you want your full-grain leather shoes to look brand-new all the time, then clean them at least once a month.

We recommend giving them a quick clean after every wear. This type of cleaning does not require you to take out your shoe-polishing kit; you can use just a shoe brush or a handy microfiber cloth and give your shoes a nice clean look within a few seconds. By doing so, you will be keeping away the dirt that if ignored might make your shoes look dull.

Ways To Clean Different Stains From Full-Grain Leather Shoes

Wearing leather can often get different types of stains on them, which result in being annoying. We have gathered the list of all the different stains that you might get on your leather running shoes or full-grain leather sneakers:

How To Get Rid Of Water Stains

There are different ways of getting rid of water stains from your leather shoes. One of the convenient ways is by watering down some lemon juice or vinegar, applying it directly to the stains, and then drying it using a clean cloth.
The second well-used method is by rubbing diluted alcohol wipes to help with water stains.

How To Get Rid Of Grease Stains

Apply baking soda to any greasy stains and scrub it allowing it to sit overnight. Wipe off the remaining baking soda the next day using a clean cloth. You can also use cornstarch or baby powder if baking soda is not available.

How To Get Rid Of Scuffs

If you often wear your leather running shoes then you might get some crease (scuffs) on your shoes. To remove the scuffs from your full-grain leather shoes you can use white toothpaste in a tiny amount and then dab it onto the scuff.
In order to remove the scuffs completely, rub gently with a soft cloth and keep repeating the process till you completely get rid of the creases.

How To Get Rid Of Salt Stains

If you are wearing full-grain leather shoes during snowy weather, you might end up having salt stains on your leather sneakers. However, you can seamlessly get rid of them by applying a dilute solution of water and vinegar. This solution should contain two parts of water and one part of vinegar.

To prepare the dilute solution, you have to mix two cups of water and one cup of vinegar in a bowl, apply it directly to the salt solution using a soft cloth, and allow the shoe to completely air dry.

Wrap Up!

Full-grain leather shoes tend to provide you with strength, and beauty because of their natural essence. But to achieve this beauty and strength it is mandatory to spend effort and time properly cleaning them with care.

With this guide, we strive to assist you in maintaining and getting the most luxurious leather online.

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