How to Clean Leather Gloves

Taking care of your leather gloves is highly essential if you want them to last longer. Whether you are working in construction or welding, your gloves will get dirty. Knowing how to clean your leather gloves will not only increase their lifespan but will help you work more efficiently as no grease or oil will make your hand lose the grip. Lastly, who doesn’t prefer a pair of clean leather gloves over those that are covered in dirt and smudges?

The Right Way To Clean Leather Gloves:

Unfortunately, you can’t just toss leather gloves with your laundry and wish for the best. If you just need to clean a dirt spot, all you need to do is dampen a cloth and use a mild soap to gently rub the dirt off. However, if your gloves need more intense cleaning then you need to follow the steps below:

Right Way To Clean Leather Gloves

Step 1: Put the gloves on your hand

Wear your gloves while washing them. Wearing your gloves will give you more control and make the washing process a lot more easy for you as you can easily rub the dirty areas with soap.

Step 2: Hold your hands under running water

Put your hands under clean running water for about 3 seconds. Make sure the faucet is switched to lukewarm temperature. You need to soak the entire surface of your leather gloves for just a few seconds but don’t hold them under water for too long.

Step 3: Rub the soap on the gloves

Using harsh detergents or soaps can damage the material of your gloves. Use a mild soap and gently rub off the dirt on the gloves. You can take liquid soap or use a soap bar to rub the entire surface. Be careful and gentle when rubbing the soap on the gloves and don’t be too vigorous. Look for the best leather cleaner available but if you don’t have that, a mild soap will work well.

Rub The Soap On The Gloves

Step 4: Rinse the gloves

Remove the soap applied by rinsing the gloves under clean running water. Gently rub off the gloves from one gloved hand with the help of another and follow the same procedure for the other hand. Take time to rinse all the soap but don’t follow the procedure for an extended period. You can take off the gloves from your hands while rinsing depending on your convenience.

Once you have washed the gloves, make sure you dry them in a proper manner.

Step 5: Air dry the gloves

Place your gloves on a clean towel then fold the towel over on top of them and blot the excess water. Never twist your gloves to remove excess water. After the first step, lay your gloves flat on a surface to dry at room temperature. While your gloves are drying, put on the gloves 3 to 4 times so they form their proper shape on your hand.

Air Dry The Gloves

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