Industry Safety Training from Boring to Fun and Effective

Industrial safety training is mandatory. These training sessions usually occur in the form of presentations and other types of educational workshops. While a lot of time and material is used to provide these training sessions, it’s also essential to know that your employees are listening to the guidelines you’re providing rather than just attending a dull session that they will forget all about when they get back to work. The last thing you want to do is lose their interest when all you’re trying to address is how they should keep themselves safe. So how can you make your industry safety training go from boring to fun and effective? We discuss it in this blog.

Create a Story

Create a personal story and a proper narrative on how you will deliver it to the audience. The time you’ve spent working in the industry, you must have seen at least some accident happen right before your eye, or heard about it from someone else. Even if you haven’t, you can easily create a personal story of your own and tell it in the training session. Add a tone to the story so it doesn’t seem boring or dull or fake. Make the people listening to you empathize with you and teach them why following proper safety guidelines is important.

Say No to Presentations

Presentations may have seemed ‘cool’ when they were first introduced, but were they? No one wants to sit through a 3-hour lecture on anything, even if it is regarding their own safety. The human mind is not made to retain multiple bullet points written on a screen, plus the conflict it will create for employees who have weaker language skills. Maximize on utilizing images that clearly describe what bullet points will fail at. Give descriptive examples without using too many words.

Role Play Exercises

Another good way to explain industrial safety training pointers is to use practical examples. This can be done through role-play exercises. Either use someone from your training team or take one of your employees and put them in a fake scenario where they have to deal with a dangerous situation in the industry and provide them with the safety options they could utilize in that situation. Practical examples and experience can teach in a much more memorable way than just giving general guidelines that they may forget more easily than you realize.

Use Humor

We get that industry safety and health is a serious issue that needs addressing, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be addressed in a serious and boring tone. Use humor, tell jokes, make the audience have fun while also teaching them an important lesson. Using a serious and dull tone of voice will make people lose interest and put them to sleep instead of gaining their interest.

Provide a Variety

Instead of using the same presentations, jokes, pictures, practical examples, and infographics try to research and bring new and updated versions to the table. Using the same content over and over again will end up making your training sessions dull even if the audience isn’t the same. Search into new industrial fire and safety drills, look for better options of training, bring better examples and techniques to tell your story in different ways. Every teacher knows that no student will learn in the same way with the same technique, this is what you need to keep in mind as well.

Be Aware of the Audience’s Response

Instead of just talking for hours on end or giving a presentation, packing up and leaving, be aware of your audience’s reactions and responses to the content you present to them. Make your audience interact with you. One common way to do this, and it’s also recommended for you, is to divide your industrial safety training into parts. This way you can give a presentation for a few minutes, discuss the pointers in detail for another few minutes while probing people to ask questions, and use a practical exercise to make them understand in a better way. Getting your audience actively involved is a good way to ensure they’re paying attention to you.

Practice Beforehand

The best thing you can do is practice your training workshop beforehand. Make a video of giving a lecture; look for faults in your tone, your voice, your expressions. Present your session to laymen before getting to the actual workshop with the employees. Practice, test, and correct yourself. Practising is a good way to not only correct your faults but also to gain confidence in the content you’re about to present.

These are some of the hacks you can use to make your industrial safety training effective for your audience. Safety training is a huge responsibility that needs to be addressed in the most appropriate and relevant ways, but it’s equally important that the people who it’s meant for are getting educated through it. By being effective, you can not only make people listen to you but can also end up saving someone’s life! So be fun, be appropriate, be influential, and don’t make the training process boring for even a second.

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