We deal in industrial and non -industrial leather gloves that are crafted to perfection and designed with the aim to provide intense hand protection and safety to the users from abrasion, heat, chemical hazards, or any kind of injury. The integrated features such as touchscreen compatibility, oil repellency, water repellency, fire retardancy, shock absorption, cut resistance and impact resistance just to name a few, not only provide users the maximum dexterity but also the effectiveness and flexibility to perform their tasks in a timely manner. However, each safety glove is unique as it is specifically designed to cater to a specific job or industry.

The breathable leather material will prevent your hands from sweating, enabling you to have a stronghold of machinery or vehicle in use.

Discover our extensive range of leather safety gloves from welding gloves, mechanic gloves, impact gloves, driving gloves, coated gloves, Canada gloves, assembly gloves to cycling gloves, fitness gloves, and fashion gloves catering both industrial workers and athletes.