Manufactured using premium sheepskin leather, Modest assembly gloves are a staple product for assembly work, outdoor tasks, road work, and cabling. These protective gloves are made in accordance with EN 388 specifications and are designed with a black interlock cloth back and double seam on index finger for flexibility and enhanced safety. The Modest assembly gloves feature shirred elastic back and cotton hemmed bottom for better grip and adaptable functioning.

  • Soft sheepskin leather
  • Black interlock cloth back
  • Double seam on index finger
  • Shirred elastic at its back
  • Cotton hemmed at bottom


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Material High-grade sheepskin leather.
Effectiveness Verified safety against cut wounds, rupture, erosion and scratches.
Thickness 0.8mm+/- 0.1mm.
Packaging 10 pairs per bag – 10 bags per case.
Sizes S, M, L, XL,2XL


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