Elite Leather brings you Burgundy – strong-quality Canadian split rigger gloves. We make these gloves with genuine goatskin leather that enhances performance during assembling, construction, and welding work. The gloves are made according to the EN 388 European Standard that gives the wearer premium quality protection, flexibility and heat resistance without compromising on comfort. These Burgundy Canadian gloves also help prevent against abrasions, cuts, tears, punctures and resistance

  • Soft split leather.
  • Red cotton at the back.
  • Pulse Protection.
  • Winged thumb design.
  • Split protective cuff.


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Colour Orange & White.
Material Genuine goatskin leather.
Purpose Arc working, General working, hot work, metal handling, handling with sharp parts, light wielding.
Effectiveness Protects hands against impact, abrasion, heat, cuts.
Packaging 12 pairs per bag | 10 bags per case.
Thickness 0.8mm +/- 0.1mm.
Sizes Available in one standard size.



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