Vigour by Elite Leather presents Gladiator boxing gloves which are the best quality boxing gloves that provide high performance defense and offense. The gloves are made of genuine leather that help give them durability and flexibility. The design of the Gladiator is made to minimize front compression upon making a strike. It also has an extra wide touch that secures wrist strap for extra support. The gladiator gloves are engineered to give athletes stability when aiming, inner padded foam at the wrist and grip bars on fist formation that gives support and comfort. These are ideal for punching bag workouts and partner training.

  • Open palm; weighs 6oz.
  • Minimizes front compression upon making a fist.
  • 1 inch of thick protective padding over the knuckles.
  • Padded thumb.
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Colour Black, Red or Gold
Material Genuine Leather.
Purpose Coaching practice equipment, training for combat and other kick boxing fighting sports.
Weigh 4 oz – 16 oz.
Effectiveness Absorbs pressure punches, help give hand and wrist stability while long session of practice.
Sizes XL,  L, M, SL.



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