Elite Leather’s Vigilante is an A grade punching mitt by Vigour. These amazing product is made with genuine leather and is designed as a lightweight and compact equipment best for easy practicing and handling. The front of the palm is contoured, both the wrist and the fingers are heavily padded that absorb impact shock and give the hand stability. An ideal for catching pressure punches during hard-hitting striking drills and maintaining hand balance. They feature reinforced leather stitching to the sides and vents for increased breathability.

  • Slip on style hand compartment with padding at the palm.
  • Genuine Leather.
  • Curved to fit the natural contour of palm.
  • Comfortable palm ventilation holes.


Colour Black.
Material Genuine Leather.
Purpose Coaching practice equipment, training for combat and other fighting sports.
Effectiveness Absorbs pressure punches, help give hand and wrist stability while long session of practice.
Dimensions 8.5” x 10” x 3”.



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