Elite Leather’s Deflectors are an amazing and protective sparring headgear product. These come in a sleek design that give maximum shielding to your head and ear channels with extra padded foam on the side that helps prevent impact from punches. The shape of the deflectors is comfortable and easy to move, making them efficient and durable for shock impact. Deflectors are right option to use in many coaching and combat sports.

  • High-quality, shock-absorbing.
  • Leather, with soft leather lining.
  • Chin strap with touch and secure closure.
  • Made to AIBA specifications; without the AIBA label.
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Colour Black, Beige, Gold.
Material Genuine Leather.
Purpose Coaching practice equipment, training for combat and other fighting sports.
Effectiveness Absorbs pressure punches, help give head, ear & nose protection as well as stability while long session of practice.
Dimensions One size fit to all.
Sizes  S, M, L, XL.



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