Quality Policy

Elite Leather is a manufacturer of top-notch & high-quality leather equipment around the globe. We specialize in making durable and last long workwear, sportswear and leather shoes and bags. We bring the best quality product to our customers, and our quality policy continually improves the effectiveness of quality systems to provide superior service and consistent quality leather gloves & leather equipment, as per specified requirements. Our commitment is never compromised on the safety, compliance, and quality of our products and services. We provide our product at a competitive price which meets the customer’s expectations in compliance with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 requirements.


Our customer care goals :

Our company goal is to provide premium quality services & products to our reliable customers. We have set high standards & rules in our quality policy to make our customers satisfied & happy with us. Here is the commitment we make while establishing our policies:

  • We are committed to: Achieve our aim by always operating with Integrity, Credibility and Accountability both internally with each other and externally with our business partners.
  • We focus to enhance the overall customer experience by fulfilling customer demand quickly and effectively.
  • Our key strategy is to build trust and we take every opportunity to enrich consumer experience with our products and services.
  • We make certain to enhance the quality of our products through continuous supervision & training programs that lead us to achieve quality objectives for our products.
  • We ensure to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements including customer given requirement.
  • At Elite Leather quality is an integral part of our business principles. We are always concerned about our client’s and customers well being, and that is why we do not compromise & neglect the quality of our products.
  • We hope that you realize the effort & hard work Elite Leather puts in making their leather products and the policies we follow in providing you with superior quality which reflects in our identity as one of the best leather apparel brands in Pakistan and the world.