Oil-Resistant Gloves

The industrial environment is becoming alarmingly risky and hazardous for the workers and reportedly, there are 2.8 million deaths every year due to an overwhelming number of work-related accidents (BBC News, 2018) and more than a million workers are admitted to the hospitals for receiving an emergency treatment due to hand injuries. While this is a frightening figure, it brings us to take into account industrial safety measures seriously and consider the use of oil-resistant gloves as not every type of safety glove is appropriate to be used in all circumstances.

Therefore, it is important to take a look at which type of work and industry can benefit from their use. 

  • Workers working in the automobile industry & handling greasy equipment.
  • The people who are frequently involved in tasks such as drilling, transportation, construction & refining. 
  • People working in the chemical industry who are often exposed to harmful chemicals.

Features of Oil-Resistant Gloves

Now that we have identified the industries where the usage of oil-resistant gloves can be applicable, let’s explore the features and functions of these remarkable industrial safety tools:

1–  Good Grip:

The core function of oil-proof gloves is to offer maximum grip to the mechanical workers as lifting greasy objects is a routinely part of the job and it is necessary to ensure that their hands are covered with a protective coating to provide a tight grip over the articles being handled. 

Good Grip

2- Arc Flash Protection:

These versatile gloves are not just restricted to providing a good handling grip. While working with transformers, it is equally significant to make sure that the workers equipped with adequate safety against arc flash, too. In that regard, rubber gloves perform a dual function of protecting against oil, shock as well as arc flash. 

Arc Flash Protection Glove

3 – Chemical-Resistant Hand Protection:

The workers who work with chemicals are always prone to getting chemical injuries such as severe skin damage and chemical burns and so, the use of chemical safety gloves , particularly latex or nitrile gloves becomes imperative to shield against the possible harm. 

Chemical-Resistant Hand Protection Glove
  • Impact Protection:

These gloves not only resist oil but also provide commendable back-of-the-hand impact protection. There’s always a probability of dropping a heavy automobile part on the hand which cannot only be extremely painful but can also cause substantial damage to the body. The impact protection function helps to absorb shock and minimize the severity of injury.

Impact Protection Glove

We offer a diverse range of premium quality gloves with oil-resistant properties that comply with international safety standards. Our products are also customized to meet different industrial safety requirements. Some of our noteworthy products include: 

Manza Nitrile Coated Gloves

Manza Nitrile Coated Gloves:

These are heavy-weight nitrile coated gloves equipped with soft jersey liners for comfort and knitted wrist band for good grip. These are ideal to be used for working in general maintenance, parts handling and automotive plants.

Gripstar Mechanic Performance Gloves:

These gloves feature wing thumb, good fit, palm protection and velcro closure tape. They are most appropriate to be used for handling in wet conditions, assembly purposes, outdoor work, landscaping and cabling.

Gripstar Mechanic Performance Gloves
Latex Coated Magenta Gloves

Latex Coated Magenta Gloves:

Palm coated with rubber latex, providing an extremely comfortable grip. These gloves are best suitable to be used for maintenance, parts handling and automotive plants. 

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