Redefining Safety with Cut-Resistant Gloves

Our hands are one of the important assets we have and keeping them protected is highly essential especially when you are working around extreme hazards. In many of the non-fatal workplace injuries reported to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries take the toll making up the highest reported cases of non-fatal injuries. Therefore in an environment where cut and puncture injuries are likely to occur and hands are prone to experience strains, sprains, burns, fractures, punctures, cuts, and amputation, wearing cut-resistant gloves for employees become highly important so that they can perform their routine task with the same dexterity and precision without risking their hand protection.

Cut-resistant gloves are specifically designed to protect the worker’s hand from cut and punctures while working with sharp tools, needles, glass and blades. Cut-resistant gloves are rated on various ANSI levels defining the level of protection. The ANSI level ranges from A1 to A9 (protection against slight to extreme hazards). However, there are a few parameters that every cut-resistant glove should fulfill.

Parameters For Selecting The Right Cut-Resistant Gloves

Finding the right cut-proof gloves for your job is highly important because not just it would provide you ultimate level of hand safety but it would also increase your productivity by reducing the fear and risk of getting injured.



Comfort and dexterity are highly essential features to consider as they allow the worker to maintain their performance level by reducing the risk of injury. It makes them feel better and safe while enabling them to effectively handle small parts of a machinery or equipment which in result improves the likelihood of wearing gloves for a longer duration of time.


Cut protection is an essential investment to make. However, there are gloves with different levels of protection and to choose which is the right one you need to analyze your job task.

Chemical & Oil Resistance:

Working with mechanical parts means dealing with greasy and oily tools having the right cut-resistant gloves that are also chemical and oil resistant keep your grip tight on objects along with improving the precision of tasks.


The best cut-proof gloves enhance your gripping ability and reduces the chances of tools getting slip from hands. The feature not only provides safety but improves workers productivity and accuracy in performing tasks easily.


Make sure you select the cut-proof safety gloves that allow your hands to breathe in any work environment – too hot or too cold. Breathability reduces the moisture and sweating in hands caused by wearing gloves increasing the comfort, abrasion resistance and performance.

Abrasion resistance:

It is the ability of material to withstand abrasions that occur during the use of typically heavy machinery. Having cut-resistant gloves that are also abrasion-resistant is highly important when working in the automotive or construction industry.

It is not important that every cut-resistant glove has all these features, as one feature might be important to one job but not for the other. Therefore, Elite Leather provides highly customized cut-resistant leather gloves that are of premium quality and specifically designed to improve workers performance and hand safety. Drop your query here

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