Right Type of Construction Gloves

When working in the construction industry, one is more prone to injuries. That’s why hand protection is an important factor to consider. However, there are a variety of tasks related to construction, so the selection of construction gloves weighs on different criteria.

Criteria To Select The Right Construction Gloves

To find the right fit of construction work gloves in order to overcome site injuries you should follow the below process:

Assess what you’ll be doing:

Will you be working as a carpenter, insulation workers, iron and steelworkers, working with hazardous materials (lead, toxic dumps, chemicals), as operating engineers and the list goes on.

construction worker working by wearing welding gloves

Decide which material is suitable for the task:

Once you are aware of your job description or task, you need to determine the suitable material for the construction hand gloves. Some features that are required to consider in this process are waterproof, comfort, durability, abrasion resistance and so on.

Doing drilling work

Environmental hazards:

Other than your own task, you must consider the environmental hazards that can be harmful in order to ensure construction safety. For example chemical spilling or oil leakage. For this purpose, you can choose oil-resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves.

construction workers working by wearing long construction gloves

Consider the weather conditions:

Will you be working in the bitter cold of winter or the sweltering heat of the summer? No matter what the temperature is, purchasing gloves that allow your hands to breathe is an ideal choice. Why? Because during winter these gloves prevent sweating that could have made you feel even colder and same for the summers. The reduction in sweating will also help you take better control of your tools.

construction workers working on winter

Choose the right size:

The type of construction work gloves you will pick should not be too tight or too loose because the way it fits you would decide the dexterity of your work. If it’s too tight then you would find difficulty in the circulation of your hands risking the flexibility and comfort required to perform the task. Too loose and it would affect the efficiency of your work. At Elite Leather we make sure to design our gloves with stretchable wrist and velcro tape so that you can adjust them for a perfect fit.

Inspect for Quality:

The quality of gloves matter a lot. Construction gloves must be perfectly stitched and made of high quality fabric so that they are durable and lasting. Make sure you are purchasing your work gloves from a reputable company that’s highly focused on delivering quality products.

construction worker holder hand drill with wearing safety gloves

Construction gloves price is variable to the number of features that you want in them. Touch screen compatible gloves will obviously be more expensive than the usual cut-resistant gloves.

Elite Leather Gloves are customized according to your requirement while making sure that they are durable, comfortable, flexible and a perfect fit for you.

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