top safety concerns in the manufacturing industry

Working in a factory or warehouse comes with risks that need to be considered for safety. Even with the right guidance and proper training are sometimes not adequate if proper steps are not followed. We have explored five of the most common safety concerns in the manufacturing industry.

Poor Maintenance

Smooth operations are only possible when adequate measures for maintenance are observed. Timely maintenance is beneficial not just for manufacturing industry safety but also for increasing the productivity of machines in factories. Even warehouses in which proper stocks are maintained works efficiently not only in operations but also in the prevention of safety concerns. It should be obligatory to keep a note on a routine check for maintenance even for the stacking of goods because slight carelessness could be fatal.

Unrestricted Access

Poor maintenance is another story. At times, even with the proper maintenance and checks, areas that pose a risk to people’s health can be left unmarked and cause safety concerns at work resulting in danger. For example, if you have an exposed wire or unlocked electrical patterns and you leave areas around it unmarked and unrestricted, someone may end up going there for any task and end up getting a serious shock and suffer permanent damage. Similarly, leaving puddles of water on the ground where wires are exposed for one or another reason, again the risk for hazardous shocks becomes very prominent. Hence, if an area poses such threats, they need to be marked.

Poorly Trained Employees

In the manufacturing industry, it’s necessary, even as an OSHA standard, to provide proper training to your employees. Since working in an industry often means operating heavy machinery and getting in contact with hazardous chemicals and practical situations. Hence, proper training and handling of material and equipment is essential for employee safety. But at times, industries fall short of providing the right kind of training or reinforcing it once some time has passed. This can lead to employees risking their lives and safety when working due to carelessness or unawareness.

Unavailability of PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is an extremely important aspect of working in any factory when it comes down to safety. And not having access to proper PPE can become a serious safety concern. PPE can keep employees safe from exposed wires, hazardous chemicals, and so on. But at times, employees often fail to wear these important gears either due to unavailability or just sheer carelessness. Hence, they pose a risk of harming themselves or even those they socialize with due to their constant contact with chemical residue.

Poor First Aid

Every industry is required to provide their employees with training and PPE, but even then you can’t guarantee 100% safety. Therefore, it’s vital for employees to have access to proper first aid. And when this need is not fulfilled or your first-aid stock is not managed properly, then employees can suffer serious damages as it’s not always possible for industry employees to rush to the hospital at the right time to avoid seriously damaging themselves.

These are 5 of the most serious health and safety concerns in any manufacturing industry. It’s essential to keep an eye out for any mismanagement and to take care that all your employees wear PPE.

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