Using protective workwear is a must while working in any industry e.g. in the construction industry, it’s important to wear construction protective gear; this protective gear is safe, keeps you away from injuries, while also makes you feel comfortable and confident while performing even complex factory tasks. Thus, it’s important for every factory management to provide the right kind of protective workwear to its employees. Here are some dos and don’ts you’ll need to consider when buying this protective gear.

1- Don’t Treat PPE as Your Crutch

There’s no doubt that PPE is a mandatory gear for every employee in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean you need to depend on PPE to be your only source of protection from workplace injuries. You need to be mindful of all the other hazards you may come across even in the presence of PPE.
Also, there may come times when PPE is too warm, e.g. due to the weather or due to your tasks not requiring any protective gear. That doesn’t mean you won’t be taking the necessary work precautions. Hence, it’s important to have an alternative safety plan in mind in case protective workwear is not available.

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2- Do Provide Proper Training

It’s essential for every employee to receive the proper training from their management on how to use specific PPE since not every workwear gear is understood by the employees regarding its usage. Hence, to provide this training it’s necessary to make sure each employee attends a workshop being conducted on a regular basis, either after every few weeks or once a month, so that new as well as old employees stay clear on how they are required to utilize their protective workwear in every task they perform.

3- Don’t Forget the Requirements for Different PPE

Not every PPE is made for the same task i.e. some gloves are useful as welding protective clothing whereas they may not be required while driving a pitchfork, where you’ll need leather driver gloves. Similarly, driver gloves and impact gloves have different purposes and hence, different designs of manufacturing. For this reason, it’s vital for every worker to know the kind of PPE they’re investing in and how they can make sure they’re using the right gear at the right time. At times, a task doesn’t even require you to wear protective equipment; in such instances, it’s okay to just keep your workwear stored safely so that it doesn’t get worn out.

4- Do Look After Your Equipment

It’s true that high-quality protective workwear is much more durable than low-quality ones, but that doesn’t mean they won’t become worn out if exposed to regular wear and tear. Hence, it’s important to properly take care of your protective workwear. PPE should always be cleaned, stored, and monitored properly to avoid any damage. If any form of damage does occur, which is always inevitable in a factory environment, ask for the management to immediately replace this PPE with a new one so that you don’t experience any injury as you wait for better protective workwear.

5- Don’t Forget Important Regulations

Every appropriate protective workwear is brought into the market after being sent through a strict analyzing process by experts in the industry to ensure the PPE you’re investing in is manufactured according to OSHA safety regulations. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure the protective workwear you’re bringing for your employees has been designed according to the appropriate regulations in order to avoid problems in the future in case of injuries and other harmful consequences where you will be questioned as to the authenticity of the PPE.

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6- Do Buy Comfortable PPE

Safety should be the first priority of every protective workwear, but it’s also essential to buy the ones that provide the most amount of comfort to the wearer. Imagine you have a thick pair of work safety gloves, but if those gloves fail to provide you with grip and dexterity, their purpose will become more or less obsolete. Hence, wearing comfortable PPE is a must for utmost protection and safety.
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This was all about what you should remember when it comes to buying protective workwear. It’s an essential part of every worker’s job description that not only keeps them safe but also increases factory productivity. So make sure you’re investing in the right protective workwear and safety protective clothing to keep you safe while doing your work.

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