Welding Safety Gear

The first thing that comes to the mind when thinking about welding safety gear is welding gloves and helmet. But these are not the only protective gear that welders use to keep them safe and protected while performing the hazardous tasks at work.

Welding gloves and helmets are highly essential for worker’s safety, however, there are many other PPEs that are necessary for such workers, not only for their safety but to improve their efficiency and ease to perform tasks too.

Types of Welding Safety Gears

Safety is the major concern of any industry that is highly involved in welding tasks due to the high number of burn injuries reported. These injuries usually take place as a result of exposure to hot metals, arc rays and electric shocks. Some of the common welding safety gears are gloves, helmets, apron, capes, leather welding pants, and welding spats.

Welding Apron:

Welding Aprons are commonly made of leather material and are used to cover the front of the body from chest to the knee so that when performing such tasks, workers can protect themselves from burns resulting from fire sparks and debris. Welding aprons usually come in standard sizes and are worn over clothes. They feature adjustable straps for a secure fit.

Leather welding aprons such as Welder Light are fire resistant to provide protection from spatter and sparks, feature front pockets, and are stitched for durability.

Welding Apron

Welding Jacket:

Welding jackets are one of the valuable assets of workers. Welding jackets serve as the best armour when you are in the middle of a job and the sparks are flying at a high rate thus protecting you from serious burns. These jackets must be fire-resistant offering some form of thermal insulation. It is also important that it offers maximum comfort and is of high-quality like our rigger welder jacket. This jacket is made of the top quality cowhide and offers excellent heat protection and abrasion resistance.

Welding Jacket

Welding Pants:

Welding pants offer the wearer a great length of leg protection and are available in different sizes. Professionals usually prefer such pants in leather due to the high durability of leather welding products. Leather pants provide full frontal body coverage excluding neck and hand protection. Welding pants are much like aprons but have attached leg covering.

Welder Gold provides you with the maximum protection as you weld, cut or grind. It is stitched with Kevlar thread for optimum durability and features adjustable straps across shoulders along with front pockets for easy access to your supplies.

Welding Pants

Welding Spats:

Welding spats are used for feet safety as they need protection all the way down to the toes. They are attached around the ankle and prevent one from sparks and splatter.
Spats Goldust is one of our finest quality cow split leg guards, ideal for all types of welding tasks due to their excellent heat and abrasion resistance. They have adjustable leather straps and are stitched with Kevlar thread to offer maximum durability.

Welding Spats

Welding Gloves

According to the ANSI standards, all the welders need to wear leather welding gloves for hand safety and protection. These gloves must be heat and flame resistant to protect workers’ hands from potential injuries.

Welding gloves such as Bistre and many others manufactured by Elite Leather offer maximum protection to the welders. Certified as EN 407, these gloves provide protection against molten splash, thermal resistance, convective heat and other hazards. Moreover, the gloves are designed to offer maximum flexibility and comfort to the wearer.

Welding Gloves

Leather welding safety gear is considered as the best due to their ability to prevent heat from penetrating through the garment due to the thickness of the leather. Moreover, leather protective wear is durable and offers maximum protection against abrasions. Explore our range of leather protective wear today!

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