Winter Gloves

Gloves are an essential accessory for winter, particularly, for people working in factories. These provide warmth and protection during the cold months. Additionally, the availability of various types caters to different requirements based on job type. Among the many types, bio-circular gloves remain a popular choice. Mainly, because of the eco-friendly aspect. Besides, getting full hand protection while contributing to the environment remains a win-win situation. Let’s explore the different types of bio-circular winter gloves. We will see what each type offers.

Bio-Circular Winter Gloves Types

Compared to other types, bio-circular gloves have less effect on the environment. Additionally, the use of eco-friendly materials does not mean a compromise on quality. These offer great durability and comfort. All in all, a smart, modern, and eco-friendly choice.

Listed below are different types of bio-circular winter gloves.

Recycled Polyester

As the name suggests, these are made from recycled materials. For instance, recycled polyester or regenerated wool, among others. Using eco-friendly materials is a common practice by brands. Additionally, it is a great way to reduce wastage. Eco-friendly handwear is of top quality and keeps the hands warm. These are ideal for construction and logistic industries.

Nitrile with Biodegradable Additives

These types are ideal for the chemical industry. The material is highly chemical resistant. Moreover, these are famous for their high durability. Much like other bio-circular materials, these are environment-friendly.

Bamboo-Charcoal Coated

Bamboo is a rather common bio-circular winter glove material. Additionally, rapid growth and low water consumption make it a highly popular choice. Bamboo charcoal has a good odor. Moreover, it is popular for its moisture-wicking properties. These are formidable options for industries where extended wear is common. For instance, sanitation, agriculture, and food manufacturing.

Biodegradable Latex

These are among the insulated work gloves available out there. An eco-friendly choice, these can decompose naturally. Therefore, there is no wastage or harmful residue. Generally, these are made from plant-based fibers and bioplastics. These are common choices in healthcare industries.


It is another versatile and sustainable material used in the manufacturing industry. It requires minimal water and no pesticides. Therefore, hemp also remains an eco-friendly option. These gloves are strong and highly durable. Moreover, hemp fiber offers resistance against mold and mildew. Hemp-lined handwear is ideal for heavy-duty work environments.


Fleece is a common synthetic fabric material for handwear. It is made of polyester and designed to imitate wool. Fleece handwear provides a soft and fuzzy feeling. Moreover, it is ideal for extreme weather conditions. The material remains a popular choice for factory workers, too.


Another popular choice, Gore-Tex is ideal for all types of weather. The material is naturally lightweight and waterproof. Gore-Tex handwear and other materials are ideal for industrial workers. Additionally, people living in mixed-weather regions can also make use of this useful material. These are commonly used with PPE kits for multiple industries.

Recycled Rubber

Numerous industries use rubber for protective gear. The recycled rubber gloves further makes the component more appealing. Additionally, rubber is famous for its robustness and resistance to chemicals. These rubber gloves remain an ideal choice for chemical industries and work sites.

These are all types of bio-circular winter gloves. As the world moves towards a sustainable future, eco-friendly products continue to gain more popularity. The aforementioned handwear types stand out because of their environmentally friendly aspect. Moreover, no compromise on quality makes them ideal for industrial and conventional use.

Protect the environment and invest in eco-friendly products. Be safe, promote green, and stay tuned to learn about popular glove types and more.

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