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Wherever you work and in whichever conditions, protection from UV rays is needed all around the year. There are many ways to protect your body from UV rays, and one of them is using protective equipment. However, it is not that simple. There are many different forms of protective equipment that a worker has to choose from, and while they choose PPE relevant to the tasks they’re doing, it doesn’t really mean that the PPE will also save them from harmful UV rays.

Plus, it’s also always a common question to ask what level of UV protection should workers opt for. For those with skin more sensitive to sun rays, long sleeves and pants are recommended. A cap is another must-have accessory when you are out in the sun. It can help you provide an extra shield for your facial skin. For the protection of the delicate area around the eye from the harsh UV rays, sunglasses come to the rescue. You may think that now you are fully protected. There is one spot on the body that we tend to forget about, and it can get sunburn and sun damage easily. That neglected part is our hands.

If you’re required to work outdoors with heavy tools and equipment, then you need proper safety to keep your skin safe from any kind of sun rays. Thus, this is when sun-protection gloves come in handy. What is a UV protection glove, and what are its benefits?

UV Protection Glove

Hands are exposed to the sunlight when workers are actively performing their duties in construction sites or managing heavy machinery outside the factory. In such instances, harmful UV rays are absorbed by the skin, which not only influences the skin condition but also accelerates the aging process.

Sun gloves are made up of fabric that protects your skin from UV rays better than regular fabric. The fabric works similar to sunscreen and provides you with a high level of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) which helps absorb and filter out UV rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

Some UV protection gloves made from goatskin and sheepskin leather provide moisture-wicking and are easy to wash and wear, giving you comfort with style. Gloves designed to include an anti-slip palm print can make them ideal for all outdoor activities and gives your worker the control they want while performing tasks.

It is not just your face that needs love and care to be saved from the blazing sun rays, but also your soft hands. Sun protection gloves can help you say goodbye to sunburns, suntan, skin inflammation, or the risk of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer and UV Protection

Too much exposure to the sun most often develops the abnormal growth of skin cells, known as skin cancer. There are three major types of skin cancers.

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma
2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
3. Melanoma

One can reduce the risk of skin cancer by limiting exposure to the sun and using the right protection to avoid harmful UV rays that become cancer-causing.

UV protection gloves are proven to be more effective than sunscreen. While the factors SPF and UPF are respectfully the same, the usage of gloves is comparatively much easier than sunscreen, and there is no need of reapplying like you would in sunscreen. Experts also

UV gloves are made of resilient but thin material that gives them high durability and can easily withstand washing without losing their quality or sun protective properties. They last for a long time and help you preserve your skin from sun damage. And those with higher susceptibility to skin cancer or have photosensitivity like Lupus can rest assured they are protecting their hands from such issues. Investing in a good UV protection glove ensures a healthier skin and easy outdoor work without any worries.


UV gloves provide you with an easy-care solution to ensure sun protection while not creating any interference in your daily tasks. In fact, with additional features to aid flexibility in UV gloves, your task becomes easier than doing it with your naked hands. In the longer run, investing in UV gloves brings protection to your skin.

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