Anti Vibration Gloves

What Are Anti-Vibration Gloves? 

When you’re working in an environment that requires the handling of heavy machinery or hot materials, pursuing the right methods of protecting yourself must be on the top of your priority list. For this purpose, anti-vibration gloves come in handy, as they are designed to be a water-proof/water resistant and breathable textile that are supposed to be durable while being the most user-friendly material you will come across in your line of work.

When handling heavy machinery, you need to remember how easy it is for your hand to get fatigued. Fortunately for you, these anti-vibration gloves have been introduced with the objective of providing your hands with proper stability in your workplace environment. At ELC, you will find the best variety of anti-vibration gloves for all your welding concerns. Here we have listed down the basic pros, standards of requirement and cons of these masterpieces.

What Are Anti-Vibration Gloves

i) Anti-Vibration Gloves:

While handling heavy machinery and toxic chemicals, there is no such thing as “too much protection”. When it comes to anti-vibration gloves, you will immediately notice that a pair of these gloves are constructed such that they cover the outer layer with a rubbery material designed to protect the back of the hand and usually the fingers from suffering through any impact while working.

Anti-Vibration Gloves

No amount of protection can entirely rule out the impact of vibration. Heavy machinery is going to stay heavy no matter what. Maybe not all anti-vibration gloves will get you what you need, but they will ensure you stay protected from as much impact as possible. 

ii) Flexibility:

The rubber material made in these gloves is a form of thermoplastic rubber. One of the greatest advantages of TPR is the high amount of flexibility. Since these gloves are manufactured to work in different industries and environments, they’re designed to have a strong grip.

iii) Cut-Resistant and Water-Proof:

Anti-vibration gloves are manufactured such that they can easily protect the worker’s hands from being injured while working with sharp tools. Moreover, these gloves are made thick enough to prevent dampness inside of the material, hence protecting your hands from getting wet at all and avoiding the risk of you losing your grip.

ISO 10819 // ANSI S2.73 Standard for Anti-Vibration Gloves:

Fortunately, ELC meet all the standard requirements and the American National Standard (ISO 10819 // ANSI S2.73) for the vibration transmissibility of a glove with a vibration-reducing material that covers the palm, fingers, and thumb of the hand. Our gloves fulfils the following specifications that are required for an anti-vibration glove to be effective:

Anti Vibration Gloves
  • Full-fingered design along with wing thumb for maximum flexibility
  • Reinforcement on thumb for abrasion resistance
  • Elastic wrist band for velcro closure tape 
  • Palms and knuckle padded with micro suede gel 
  • Hi Viz orange spandex foam padded
  • Impact resistance

You can’t put a hold on the kind of protection you need from hazardous environments, so visit our website today and get all the gear you need while working with the heavy machinery.

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