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Hand injuries are one of the most common types of injuries therefore keeping your hands protected becomes our highest priority. Our cut-resistant leather gloves are essentially designed to protect the worker’s hands from major and minor cuts when working with sharp tools, blades or metals. At Elite Leather we offer you a range of cut-resistant gloves with different features to mitigate the risk of hand injury from various workplace hazards.

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Chemical Resistance



Gloves by Application


Cut & Puncture Resistant:

The cut-resistant gloves protect your hands from minor cuts and punctures caused by sharp tools and metal parts keeping your hand protected at work. We provide gloves with different levels of cut protection. Find out the best one for you.

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Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Abrasion Resistant:

This feature works best when working conditions involve dealing with sharp materials that are highly abrasive in nature. Our cut-resistant gloves are designed with anti-abrasion properties to keep your hand protected by resisting the impact.

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Water Resistant:

Performing any tasks with wet gloves can become very uncomfortable. Therefore, we design water resistant gloves which keep your hands dry and comfy by protecting them from moisture or any liquid which can hamper your performance.

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Other Applications


Arc Flash Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves

Impact Resistant Gloves

High Visibility Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves

Oil Repellent Gloves

Winter Gloves

Mechanic Gloves

String Knit Gloves

Gloves by Industry

Construction Industry:

Hand injuries are common at construction sites considering the surrounding hazards therefore wearing the right pair of leather gloves that protects your hands from cuts, abrasion, and impacts becomes highly important. Our collection of cut-resistant gloves is designed to keep your hand protected from all the possible dangers.

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Automotive Industry:

When it comes to the automotive industry, you need to choose gloves thoughtfully as there are different work areas such as metal handling, part assembly, powertrain and painting. We prioritize your hand safety considering all the factors so you get 360 degree protection from chemical, cuts and other hazards.

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Oil & Gas Industry:

Working in the oil and gas industry means being constantly prone to serious injuries by being exposed to crush, puncture, cut, oil and chemical irritation. Furthermore, working with tools and equipment that are oily increases the chances of slips and decreases the precision needed while working with small bolts or nuts.

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Other Industries

Aerospace industry

Glass Handling Industry

Agriculture Industry

Metal Fabrication Industry

Arm Protection

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ASTM ANSI Cut Level A8


ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4


ASTM ANSI Cut Level A8


ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4


ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4


ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4