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Sparring is one of the best ways to improve your boxing skills, but one of the most asked questions on the matter is whether one should spar with our without using a boxing headgear. The answer depends upon the kind of sparring you’re aiming for. E.g. for light sparring, boxing headgear can be useful and even protect you from minor bruises. But for heavy sparring, a headgear would do nothing more than protect your face.

This doesn’t mean headgears are entirely useless though. In this blog, we’ve combined a few of the best benefits of boxing headgears.

Benefits of Wearing a Boxing Headgear


1. Protects from Cuts and Bruises

One of the biggest benefits of boxing headgears is that it provides improved protection from all kinds of cuts and bruises. This is the best thing you can do for your protection apart from wearing boxing gloves and using other techniques to keep yourself safe from such bruises. It’s also recommended to wear headgear that provides some form of protection to your nose as well.

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2. Protects from Headbutts

Another situation where boxing headgears can come in handy is when you’re fighting against someone famous for using headbutts in their fights. These headbutts are really painful and can cause injuries you may find it hard to recover from, especially if your opponent is skilled at head-butting.
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3. Provides Sense of Security

One major benefit of wearing boxing headgears during fights is purely psychological. In that, it provides beginners a sense of security when they’re just starting out in their boxing career. Wearing headgear can also make one more aggressive and try out their fighting moves more freely, giving them the confidence to continue this way while taking away the fear of getting hit while fighting. This sense of security is important for beginners to grow and become better.

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4. It’s in the Rules

Many boxing organizations for amateurs have stated in their rulebooks for beginners to wear proper boxing safety gear including headgear during fights. Not complying with these rules can cause serious repercussions, going so far as to get an individual eliminated. Hence, for the sake of continuing in your career as a boxer, it’s of utmost importance to wear proper boxing headgear.

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This is all you needed to know about how boxing head guards can be of importance in your field, especially if you’re an amateur just starting out. For this and more information on boxing headers, gloves, and other equipment, have a look at Elite-Leather Creations.

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