The Need For Oil-Resistant Work Gloves

Do you know that more than half of all the accidents in the workplace are attributed to hand injuries? Many of these accidents resulting in cuts or major injuries are due to not having the right protective gloves while working in oily environments. Therefore, workers must need to wear oil-resistant work gloves to have a better grip on tools that are oily and greasy.

A common misconception about oil proof gloves is that they are for people working in the oil industry. However, it’s not only for them but also for people who deal with oil and greasy tools or are exposed to an environment where there is always a chance of oil spilling.

Importance of Oil-Resistant Work Gloves

Here are the reasons why oil-resistant work gloves are an important PPE for workers:


Among workplace hazards, oil is the most hazardous to deal with. Due to its slippery and stubborn nature, workers without oil gloves are often found losing grip on components or tools during work resulting in inefficiency and low productivity. Fortunately, oil-resistant leather work gloves help workers combat this problem by protecting their hands against oil and make them work as productively as possible.

Hand Protection:

Usually good quality oil-resistant work gloves are also chemical resistant which protect your hands against harmful chemicals and oil that may seep under your skin. Not having the right protective gloves while handling oil-related tasks will expose your skin to many skin disorders and illness as your hands come in direct contact with oil.

Reduce Slip and Trips:

There are a number of hazards that oil and gas workers face on a regular basis but a great number of injuries are a result of slips, trips and falls that occur due to oily and greasy hands that make workers lose control when in need of support.

Comfort and Dexterity:

Every industry demands high productivity, which a worker can deliver only if they have the right level of hand protection along with excellent grip, dexterity and comfort. With the use of oil proof work gloves a good number of injuries can be reduced and work performance can be increased.

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