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Either you’re a combat pro, or you just started boxing as a fun post-work activity to release stress, one thing is for sure, you will get hit. One could say that getting hit is one of the components of combat – it helps you learn better. So, worrying whether you’ll get hit or not is pretty fruitless, because you know you will. What you could do is be prepared for those hits by following measures that may help you to minimize injuries – such as wearing protective headgear – and focus on how good your offense is. 

wearing protective headgear

Benefits of Using Protective Headgear:

There are different types of headgears depending on the sport. However, they all have some common benefits, discussed below:

Protection helps you focus on the sport:

Headgear matters in combat. Not because it is more dangerous than any other sport, because research suggests that even hockey and cycling have the same risk for injuries as combat, so the sport is only physically demanding. Headgear is important because playing any sport requires wearing the proper equipment and it’s all part of the process. Wearing the right equipment will protect what needs protecting and it will also let you focus on excelling the sport.

Saves you from major injuries:

During combat, you need to protect your head, teeth, and skull from the impact to be able to fight safely and focus on attacking your opponent. By wearing a protective headgear, you reduce the chances of acquiring a head injury. 

The right headgear for a combat is the one that fits perfectly, and also is the most comfortable to wear. You need to be sure that your headgear won’t compromise your vision by slipping off repeatedly. 

Why Use Vigour Protective Headgears?

Our Vigour protective headgears are designed in such a way that they shield the most sensitive areas of your head, and the skull, which definitely need more protection. They are suitable for a variety of sports, even professional training, and fighting. You’ll also find martial arts head guards, traditional training headgear and karate headgear in our stock. These are shock-absorbing and provide maximum protection. The thick padding on the top as well as on the inside reduces chances of procuring injuries.

benefits of headgears

While we’ve talked about the benefits of headgears long enough, here are some of the features you get when using Elite Leather’s Vigour products:

  • Shock absorption: Be it during boxing or martial arts practice, our headgears are great at shock absorption from your opponent when they strike hard or throw pressure punches.
  • Ear and head protection: Our headgears are designed with thick ear and head padding, making them protective and safe to wear.
  • Anti-odor: You won’t need to wash or clean the headgear every time you use it.
  • Moisture absorbing: Combat practice involves hard workouts and exercises, which makes you sweat. But our headgears are moisture absorbing, saving you from discomfort during practice.
  • It doesn’t just protect you, but also protects your opponent’s hand as well.
  • One size fits all: You don’t need to browse through tens of sizes to find the best fit, our headgears come in a free size with tightening straps.

Want to explore more features of our products? Check out which headgear suits you best here:

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