Selecting Cut Resistant Gloves As Your Personal Protective Equipment

Selecting the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is highly essential to keep yourself and your employees safe while performing routine tasks. One of the most important types of PPE considered for hand protection is cut-resistant gloves. Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect the user’s hands from cuts and punctures or hazards that may result in minor or major hand injuries while dealing with sharp metals and glasses. However, cut resistant safety gloves do not eliminate the risk of getting injured but they do minimize the chances of hand and finger injuries and thus are very effective to be used in automobile, mechanics, construction, glass fabrication, metal handling industries, Oil and Gas industries.

Selecting Cut Resistant Gloves

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) has rated cut-resistant gloves on different ANSI levels based on their effectiveness to provide protection against major and minor hazards. These levels range from A1 to A9 (hand safety from low to extreme cut injuries). However, the best cut resistant gloves are those that just not only provide cut protection but also have other beneficial features such as comfort, dexterity, breathability, water, and oil resistance.

Before buying cut-resistant gloves, do consider that highest-rated gloves are not always the best choice. The right type of cut-resistant gloves differs for every worker according to their job description so you need to access the potential hazards that your worker may face during the work to accordingly choose the best glove. For example: wearing heavy-duty gloves for simple tasks may not be suitable for you as it will not provide enough dexterity to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. Moreover, you will always be tempted to remove them due to the heavyweight.

At Elite Leather, we prioritize your hand safety by manufacturing high-performance leather cut resistant gloves customized according to different job tasks. These gloves have some of the best features, such as :

  • Excellent wing thumb flexibility with a neoprene wrist ensuring hand grip
  • Thermoplastic rubber, knuckle and finger safety for Anti Impact purposes
  • Gel padded palm in order to serve Anti vibrations needs
  • Double seam index finger stitched with Kevlar by DuPont

View our collection to pick the best cut resistant gloves for your employees.

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