Essential Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouse safety is one of the biggest concerns of managers and employees. It is among the most common sources of increased injuries caused throughout the year. These accidents could be avoided if safety for workers in factories is treated as a priority. In this blog, we have discussed a few warehouse safety
tips that are essential for your industry.

1. Wear Proper Protective Gear

A company should take adequate measures to provide PPE to their workforce and devise plans to educate them regarding safety measures. The process has to be so meaningful that the employee takes responsibility in wearing the right protective gear properly. Apart from this companies should devise policies concerning safety measures which could be strictly mandated, as safety of employees is utmost priority.

2. Accurately Marking of Hazardous Products and Areas

Warehouse aisles are one of the most dangerous places in any factory. Its observed that every factory consists of hazardous materials that all workers may not be aware of so it’s also vital that all these hazardous materials and spots should be accurately marked to avoid injuries.

3. Provide Proper Training

Employees learn and behave therefore a company should devise strategies to train employees about safety measures and why it’s important for them to follow. Workshops need to be arranged so they can take their time understanding the importance. Training must include past experiences that caused injuries due to negligence because people learn from others’ mistakes. It must follow Q&A sessions so they can learn and clear their confusion.

4. Lift Objects Using Proper Tools

Every industry has proper tools equipped to lift heavy objects so it’s the core responsibility of an organisation to deploy highly trained work staff to manage jobs in which safety is at high stakes. Sometimes it’s not just the protection equipment that is necessary, but mindset is also very important. If safety is felt precautions are intrinsically observed.

5. Avoid Untrained Staff to Perform Duties

Every job requires a key skills set to perform efficiently, It has to be the right person for the right job. Sometimes a simple handling job can be tricky, learning the right tactics is very essential for workers to perform well and in a timely manner.

6. Know Proper Fire Safety Drills

It should be a norm to perform fire safety drills at least on a weekly basis. These drills can help ensure your safety evacuation plans are regularly exercised and updated according to requirements. Smoke and fire alarms should be working at all times, It has to be ensured that all the safety exits are accessible to avoid inconvenience during dangerous emergencies. All the employees should have common knowledge of what they should or shouldn’t do if they ever experience an emergency.

7. Provide Proper Ventilation

Warehouses are prone to using machinery and tools that create heavy fumes and exhaust that can affect air quality and in-turn worker safety and comfort. Hence, providing proper ventilation systems is the responsibility of warehouse management. Creating ventilation spaces and installing exhaust fans can go a long way to ensure this safety is achieved. Ventilation should be a priority when making a warehouse plan and if your warehouse lacks a proper plan, make sure to come up with and install one before anything harmful happens.

8. Follow OSHA Guidelines

Occupational Safety and Health Act ensures that proper rules and guides are followed to maximize factory safety. These guidelines are mandatory to be followed. These include weight limits on placing packages and products on shelves, proper lifting policies, OSHA warehouse temperature regulations, etc. These guidelines must be followed by every warehouse and if anyone is found in violation of them, they should be reported.

Warehouses are an essential part of any industry but working in unsafe conditions puts a risk to the lives of workers. It is observed that by following safety guidelines organisations have minimised injuries ratio. Workforces are always an integral part and ensuring their safety not only benefits employees but also for the well being of organisations.

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