Gloves for Mechanics to Wear

If you’re a factory worker or even if you just take responsibility of mechanical problems you’re faced with at home or work environments, putting on any pair of leather work gloves isn’t going to cut it for you. Every other glove isn’t equipped to provide you with the safety and protection you need, neither can every other glove give you the comfort and convenience you need. To choose the proper gloves for mechanics to wear, there’s a variety that needs to be looked at. 

“70% of hand injuries result from not wearing any type hand protection.”

The perfect leather work gloves comes from choosing what you need instead of what looks attractive. It takes skills, creativity and intellect to make and repair engines and machines, and ELC has the variety for you to choose from. Our mechanic gloves conform to 388  mechanical risks and made with soft dyed goat leather. It includes features such as oil resistance, cut resistance, abrasion resistance, touch screen compatibility to provide you increase efficiency, better protection and grip when working with greasy tools and heavy machinery that might be harmful to bare hands. 

Mechanic Glove Features

So here’s your guide to the most efficient gloves for mechanics to wear according to their needs, convenience and skillset.

5 Qualities That Every Best Quality Mechanic Glove Possess:

Because a mechanic’s work can be so varied, different types of mechanics gloves are made to deal with different needs. However, mechanic gloves must have these qualities for increase performance and safety

Cut Resistant:

Mechanics are often working with sharp objects or parts, for example maintaining the sharp metal components that can be found under the hood of a car. Therefore the safety of hands from cuts at ELC we design cut resistant gloves with ANSI A4 liner inside so that your hands remain safe and performance without any hurdle. 

Cut Resistant Glove
Impact Resistance Glove

Impact Resistance:

When working with heavy machinery and high-impact tools workers may experience energies that stress and cause damage to the hands, mechanic rubber gloves with anti impact qualities can be a great option for the safety of the hands. Our impact gloves provide great deal of durability, flexibility and safety along with TPR rubber patches at the back side and usual impact areas that is important for industrial workers of petrochemical, mining, material handling, construction and mechanics.

Maximum Dexterity:

It is important to make sure of considering the dexterity level when buying mechanic gloves as it ensures the control and precision to users, especially when working with nuts and bolts or dealing with lubricants. Auto mechanic gloves, welding gloves, assembly gloves and many of the other industrial gloves have an integrated feature of dexterity.

Maximum Dexterity Glove
Breathable Gloves

Breathable Gloves:

Sweating is common when workers perform any tactical task for a longer time period. The breathable qualities in our gloves allows maximum airflow to protect your hands from sweating, maintain moderate temperature in cold & hot weather, and keep them safe and comfortable while you work.


Day in or out, mechanics are always involved in dealing with grease, chemicals, oil and lubricants. Thus it is difficult to maintain the hold of any tool or work carefully with machinery when their hands are slippery. This situation calls for our coated mechanic gloves for improved grip and hand protection. They are durable in nature and are oil, fuel and chemical resistant due to manufactured from a combination of butadiene and acrylonitrile fabric.

Latex coated blue seamless glove by ELC

There are many different kinds of gloves for mechanics to wear according to what they need in the environment they go to work, and this need is what determines the kind of gloves they will end up using. 

Here at ELC, we have all that you need in a huge variety and our gloves will make sure all your day-to-day needs are met in your working conditions.

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