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Boxing is counted among the most-watched sports in the world. The intensity during the fights, knockouts, and the best of the best trying to overcome their opponents is a sight to behold for the audience. However, the craze for boxing is not limited to watching it in the arena or on television. Boxing enthusiasts go beyond and include boxing in their workout routines. It’s not just boxing enthusiasts though, you’re likely to find non-fans at the gym practicing with mitts for boxing.

Boxing isn’t just a sport as it can be a great addition to your workout routine. The mitts for boxing are ideal for a safe practicing experience. Let’s go through a detailed overview of mitts for boxing and all the benefits that come with them.

What are Mitts for Boxing and Why Are They Needed?

Mitts are boxing gloves designed to be worn by the person who is receiving the blows, as he needs to protect his hands. Mitts are also used when there is a need for partner practice.

Mitts come with soft padding on the inside that prevents the wearer’s hand from being injured by the blows. The padding is usually made of leather or synthetic material. For those who practice with partners, mitts are a must as they are more protective than gloves. As they are worn on both hands, they help in protecting the knuckles. Mitts can also be used by professional boxers as well. They are very helpful in improving the speed at which a boxer hits the bag.

The Benefits of Using a Pair of Mitts While Boxing

There are several advantages of boxing mitts that are listed as follows:

More Effective Than Gloves

Mitts are more effective than gloves when you’re working with a partner. In a situation where the person is an amateur and there is a need for them to learn how to defend themselves, the blows that are received with mitts are less intense as compared to the ones with gloves.

Easier To Hold

Because of this, mitts are preferred over gloves when practicing with partners. Mitts are also used in a situation where the person is too weak to hold the gloves. When the person is holding a mitt, there is no need for them to hold a glove.

Help Avoid Damage To Hands

Mitts can be used for training, as well, to avoid damaging the hands of the boxer. Professionals can also use mitts as they are more effective and efficient when it comes to hitting the bag.

Eliminates The Need For A Trainer Upfront

Anybody who can sustain the impact of punches can wear boxing training mitts. The need of a trainer cannot be denied for any professional boxer but boxing mitts can pretty much help you practice without a trainer during the initial days.

How to Hold Mitts for Boxing?

Mitts come with soft padding inside to protect your hands. However, you should wear the mitts more like a glove. Take the mitt in your hand and place the thumb on top of the fingers. – Put the mitt on your hand and pull the thumb and fingers towards your palm. Hold the mitt in your hand firmly and wear it as you would wear a glove. The thumb should be on the top and the fingers should be on the bottom.

The punching mitts should fit your hand snugly and shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If you’re working with a partner, hold the mitt with your dominant hand. While working with a partner, be sure to use the mitt for blocking and not for punching. If you’re working alone, hold the mitt with your non-dominant hand.

Things to Look out for While Buying a Pair of Mitts

The mitts should fit your hand perfectly. Make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. The mitts should also be light in weight. They should let your fingers move freely so that you can guard against the blows. The material used to make the mitt should be strong and sturdy. The mitt is the most important part of your boxing equipment. Make sure you buy a high-quality pair of mitts.

Boxing is a great workout routine to include in your fitness regime. It’s a sport enjoyed by people of different age groups and backgrounds. The intensity of the game and the need to defend against your partner’s blows can be an amazing stress reliever. Mitts for boxing are a great addition to your workout routine. The benefits of using mitts for boxing cannot be undermined. If you are into boxing, consider adding these valuable pieces of gear and witness the amazing results.

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