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Every biker has its own cycling kit and leather cycling gloves are an essential part of it. A good pair of cycling gloves goes a long way whether you are riding for fun or fitness, as it provides you safety and comfort needed for a joyful riding experience. Here are a few features that you must consider while purchasing cycling gloves.

Features of Leather Cycling Gloves

When cycling protection and comfort matters to the same extent as the experience. To make sure you are buying the right leather cycling gloves consider the below features.


Always choose microsuede gel padded bicycle gloves for maximum comfort. Gloves with padded palms reduces hand fatigue as it absorbs vibration and distribute pressure, allowing you to enjoy longer rides. Long finger or half finger cycling gloves have a little higher price when designed with a padded palm, but the comfort they provide is worth it, especially when travelling on rough roads as this feature allows you to not lose control.



When traveling for long hours, sweaty palms and painful hands are common to experience which influence your performance. A pair of leather mountain bike gloves provide you improved grip on the handlebar, essential to stay in control and prevent any accident caused due to slippery hands.

Cycle Break Grip


Half fingered gloves are preferred by bikers in summer season. As the name suggests, these gloves expose the fingers, are made with a thinner but durable material and remove sweat quickly. Cycling in winter can be challenging, for which full finger road cycling gloves are essential to keep your hands warm while protecting them against harsh winds.

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Shock Absorption

Nerve damage is common to cyclists when biking especially because of mountain roads where bumpy rides cause energy shocks through arms and toward the hands. Therefore shock absorption is a necessary protective factor of leather cycling gloves.

Shock Absorption


Choosing the right fit improves your hand safety. If your gloves are loose, they lose the ability to reduce abrasion. On the other hand, if the gloves are too tight, the pressure on the ulnar nerves increases, causing discomfort. So to know what’s the right fit for you, check the webbing between your pointer finger and thumb so that your gloves remain stable. This will indicate flexibility, comfort and the perfect fit you need in leather cycling gloves.

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If you are looking for the best range of cycling gloves that are stylish as well as designed to improve hand safety and performance, explore the leather cycling gloves collection offered by Elite Leather.

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