Choosing Protective Gloves

Whether you’re planning to clean up your garden or garage, or if you work in a factory where you’re required to deal with hazardous and dangerous materials, you need to invest in a good pair of protective gloves to keep you safe. This safety should involve not just protection from the material you will be dealing with but also the weather you’ll be working in, while also providing you with the comfort you need to carry on with your tasks properly. Below is a list of things you should consider when buying protective gloves for yourself.

1. Material and Fit

The first thing you need to prioritize is the material you’re choosing when buying protective gloves, and whether they’re of the right fit or not. For E.g. if you’re a casual gardener or need gloves for lighter tasks, then bamboo or cotton gloves can be of use to you. But if your work needs consist of heavy-duty tasks, then leather gloves should be your only choice. Leather is the most preferred material when it comes to personal protective equipment, and gloves manufactured using leather provides better protection to your hands while working in the factory.

Moreover, the glove size also matters a lot. Too tight or too loose gloves can disrupt your grip and comfort, making them more of a risk than protective equipment. For your protective needs, you can look into Arcadian, impact leather gloves that provide maximum protection alongside comfort.

2. Dexterity

Most times, workers opt not to use gloves because their tasks get disrupted due to the discomfort of wearing the gloves. But with the advancements in the industry, gloves are being manufactured with the feature of providing dexterity to workers. This means employees can easily find light gloves that provide a maximum amount of mobility without compromising on safety.
For the purpose of flexibility and dexterity, Vibrant can be a good choice.

3. Thermal and Chemical Resistance

These gloves are necessary if your job description involves dealing with hot and hazardous materials. There are certain standards to test the safety levels of such gloves, like seconds to pain and seconds to second-degree burns, on the basis of which the glove is added into one of 6 performance levels. When it comes to chemical resistance, gloves are tested based on permeation and breakthrough levels, etc., and then scored on a scale from 1-6. The highest number, the more protection the glove provides.
Hence, looking for higher levels on both these performance scores ensures you’re investing in high-protection gloves. If you’re looking for protection from heat and other chemicals, Tactical can be of use to you.

4. Laceration Protection

One of the most important facts to keep in mind is that every glove is designed to protect against different levels of lacerations i.e. cuts and abrasions. When it comes to abrasions, knitted gloves with coatings are usually the best option, while for more serious and major injuries, industry-manufactured leather gloves should be your choice.
It’s also important to consider the weight of the glove, as heavyweight gloves will disrupt your efficiency instead of providing you with comfort. If you need to look at a variety of leather impact gloves and choose what’s best for you, the collection by Elite Leather can help you out.

5. Grip

Did you know? Construction work injuries accounted for about 50% of overall injuries in fatal work injuries. The reason? Workers don’t use proper protective industrial products. Most workers complain that wearing protective gear makes them lose control of the grip they would otherwise have while performing their tasks. Hence, you need to look for protective gloves that will provide safety without taking away your comfort or grip.

The glove you choose depends upon the level of grip you need. Mendacious from Elite Leather can be a good choice if you need a proper grip with your protective gloves.

This is all you need to know when it comes down to choosing the right industrial safety material. Looking for more in the leather gloves department? Visit Elite Leather Creations.

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