benefits of winter driving gloves

Workers in factories have to perform difficult and dangerous tasks. Out of many, one of which involves operating heavy machinery such as forklifts in various weather conditions such as harsh winters. Hence, it’s important for employees with responsibilities that include operating such heavy machinery, to wear proper protective equipment that keeps them safe not just from injuries but also, during harsh weather conditions. One such PPE comes in the form of winter driving gloves.

They’re not just efficient in making you comfortable but also make it easier for you to operate vehicles in the factory without compromising your health. Below are the three benefits of winter driving gloves you need to know about before considering to use them.

1. Grip

Even while driving a regular car, the driver wants to be in control of the steering wheel. It becomes even more crucial while you’re operating a forklift or another such vehicle that needs your total focus and control. Leather driving gloves can provide you with stability and the grip you need to stay in control of the vehicle you’re operating. This control is highly essential to do your work efficiently. Therefore, you need a good pair of winter driving gloves to get you through your tasks without risking your health.

2. Temperature Protection

One of the main benefits of winter driving gloves, as the name suggests, is that they protect workers’ hands from harsh and chilly weather conditions. So if you’re someone who works in a cold environment, exposed to snow and other chilly situations, you need to invest in a pair of good quality leather gloves to keep you warm and protected throughout your workday operating heavy vehicles and machinery.

3. Combat Fatigue

On most days, workers with high responsibilities are to operate heavy machinery, spending a good part of their day in and out of those vehicles. It may give rise to the worker’s fatigue, increasing the risk of injury. To avoid the issue, leather driver gloves can provide help in such situations, as they cushion the fatigue impact on the hands that can occur through operating the vehicle for hours on end. It is essential to wear the winter driver gloves during cold seasons as they can protect the hands from fatigue and blisters that might result after having to operate a forklift for heavy hours in a day.

ELC’s Driver Gloves



One of the highlighting benefits of wearing Elite Leather’s winter driver gloves is that you get water-repellent material, meaning your hands stay protected from wind, rain, and snow, keeping you safe from the harsh weather conditions. Kestrel can be the best choice if you’re looking for waterproof material.


It’s crucial to invest in winter driving gloves that not only provide safety and warmth but are also flexible enough to make mobility easy, allowing you to operate vehicles with ease. The flexible gloves, such as Curlew, can be of help in such a situation.


When it comes to industrial leather gloves, you need to invest in materials that are lightweight and capable of letting you carry your tasks without making you too uncomfortable. Choosing too thick or heavy gloves means you decrease productivity, and also increase the risk of injury. Using sheepskin or deerskin driving gloves can help in such situations, and ELC’s Eagle is perfect for the job.

Of course, in the end, the leather driver gloves you choose depends upon your needs for the workplace. In any case, whichever material and glove you choose, there’s no doubt you need to invest in proper PPE to save yourself from major or even minor injuries, while also keeping your comfort intact. If you’re looking for more in the winter driving glove or industrial driver glove department, you can visit ELC.

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