Fire Retardant Gloves

Fire retardant gloves are gloves made to protect workers’ hands from getting injured or burned after coming into contact with extremely hot objects or working near flames, sparks or being exposed to extremely high-temperature factory conditions. When it comes to choosing fire resistant gloves, leather-made gloves are the obvious choice and that is for some very specific reasons which we have mentioned for you below.

Do a small experiment by holding a flame near any leather material. You will see it curl up but it will take a lot more for the material to really burn out. The most beneficial part about using leather is that it resists high temperatures, abrasion, friction, flame and fire better than any other textile in the market. These properties are a good starting point when you are considering the use of leather made gloves as your solution to heat proof gloves. But let’s dig into the details to narrow it all down for you on why leather made fire retardant gloves should be your choice.

1- Leather Tanning:

Leather by generic has resistance to fire but the way its tanned has a huge impact on the amount of resistance offered by leather. History reveals that leather industry transformed over the years from vegetable tanning process to Chromium based tanning methods where chemistry has its perks. Vegetable-tanned leather can only increase upto 170◦F more compared to chrome’s 210◦F. Without being tanned, on its own, leather is capable of resisting upto 400◦F of heat before starting to burn, but after being tanned by chromium oxide, this resistance level increases to more than 500◦F.

Elite Leather ensures that leather has to meet fire protection standards where flammability and the formation of smoke also needs to be considered. Various steps in the tannery must be adapted accordingly from the selection and quantity of retanning agents combined with refatting components by cross validating chromium hexavalent content and pH values. Leather grading also has its play where our technicians have to ensure that grain patterns are not too loose.

2- Abrasion Resistance:

Abrasion refers to scraping or wearing out. If you work in an environment where abrasion can be a threat in your daily routine, then leather is your best choice to resist this downside. Leather has high natural benefits before it’s processed inside a factory, hence it’s more resistant to any outside threat as it provides you with a fire-resistant coating easier to rely on than any other textile. This is one huge reason why leather made gloves are the best fit for fire resistance.

3- Fire-Retardant Leather Gloves Protect You from more than you are counting:

Leather made fire resistant gloves don’t just protect your hands from fire or abrasion, they are also resistant to sparks, a very huge benefit in the welding industry and other such environments. There are many other gloves that can save you from heat, but not all of them have the qualities that leather naturally possesses. Isn’t it better to save yourself from several different kinds of threats than just one? Leather made gloves will make sure of it for you.

4- Leather can be combined with other materials to make it more protective:

Work gloves designed for extreme heat conditions may also include a Kevlar lining for additional protection against flames or heat/aluminized lining to deflect against extreme heat conditions.

Elite Leather use a combination of all these high performing materials in order to provide maximum benefits and protection to workers. In oil factories, workers are at a risk of multiple hazards i.e. flame, impact, arc flash, water and other liquids, etc. A combination of these materials helps the glove to not only provide heat resistance but also saves the workers from other hazards they’re at a risk of suffering by being exposed to such working conditions.

In the end, the kind of leather material you choose (Grain or Split leather) depends upon the kind of environment you are exposed to and level of protection you need. Leather may not make your work easier for you, but it sure will provide you with the protection you need while working in dangerous and demanding conditions. So make sure to make the best choice for your safety when it comes to fire retardant gloves.


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